NOTE: Commissions are closed right now.

Artwork Commissions: Closed
3D Model Commissions: Closed
SecondLife Commissions: No Longer Available

Whilst Commissions say they are closed, I continue to work on multiple other projects at the same time, and may not respond to certain methods of communication right away.
Below is my schedule, and my recommendation for which method of contact is best used to reach me.

-Mondays & Tuesdays-
Exclusively SecondLife and 3D modeling work. Either day which I will enter SecondLife to upload my work and sell it, and provide support to customers. The other day will be dedicated to more 3D model work. DMs are still likely to fail or become lost, so notecards are advised if I am offline.

Wednesdays & Thursdays-
Writing and Painting work. I frequently procrastinate during writing, spending the most time on Twitter (, so it is the best method to reach me as I will highly likely be looking at it. Otherwise, please e-mail me (

Fridays & Saturdays-
Work for my sister’s business ( If not, I will be streaming on Twitch ( If I am doing neither of these things, I will probably be doing some miscellaneous 3D models, artwork, or recording a video for YouTube.

I do not work on Sundays. If I pop on SecondLife, it will be to socialize. I will still respond to queries but will not be actively working on whatever the query is about until Monday.

Please contact me via one of the below-listed means for all of the below business inquiries; please note that oil paintings can only be commissioned with a valid Social Media account. I will check and respond to your query as soon as possible, however, I will not be working on it until the next working day.
My hours are UK Time-based: I am now open from 9 AM to 5 PM on weekdays. I do not work actively on Bank Holidays or on Sundays but will still respond to queries.


About Artwork Prices and Payments

Requesting work be done for free is not tolerated; all artwork must be paid for with money, “exposure” or “recognition” is not suitable payment methods. You will be blacklisted from my services if you try to do this.
If you are a licensed charity organization and the work is for use in the charity no payment is required, but a credit note is required and appreciated as it helps others find my work.
All artwork payments are handled through PayPal unless they are done at a convention stall where cash or debit cards are accepted as preferred alternatives. Depending on the type of package you are commissioning the expected payment time or delivery will change.
All artwork is drawn and/or painted in traditional mediums, with the exception of Maps which are digitally crafted.

Sketches and Line-work

Sketches and Line-work are drawn by hand and scanned in for a secure backup should the work ever get damaged or lost, and can be sent in any file format you want (JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PSD, etc), at resolutions from 300 dpi to 4800 dpi. I keep back-ups of all artwork on an external hard drive, so if you need your file replacing please see the bottom of the page about reclaiming artwork.
You will obtain the full-sized image with inking after payment is made. If commissioned at a convention stall, the sketch/line-work is yours to take away when it is finished. If bought via E-mail you will get a digital copy sent to you on the same day I send your work out in the mail.

Package Options:
A4 Sized Sketches – £5 per sheet
A4 Sized Line-Work – £5 per image or £10 per sheet

Digital Colours

Digital colouring comes in three flavours; Flat, Shaded, and Full.
Regardless of which option you pick, you will see a small version of the image before payment is made and will obtain the full-sized image after payment is made. Your image will not progress beyond the sketched stages until you approve of it, which can impact your delivery time. This service is not available at conventions.
Full Images include background and any special effects. To the left, you can see all three packages on offer to you using the same line-work that was shown above.

The type of digital shading available to you however is down to your personal preferences as I am highly flexible, though my art style is best suited towards what is known as “cel-shading” which is commonly used in older animation and Japanese anime. Please see below for further details on what these types of shading are and how they can impact your final image should you choose for a Shaded image or a Full one.

Package Options:
A4 Sized Image: Flat Colours – £10 Each
A4 Sized Image: Shaded – £15 Each
A4 Sized Image: Full – £20 to £30 Each

When the image is finished you will receive the finished line-work in the mail and a digital copy of that line-work, plus your coloured package option, will be sent to you online. I do not provide coloured prints of privately commissioned artwork.

Options for advanced shading and effects

If you commission me on the digital colours tier, you have a few options on how your final image will look. This also applies to those who go for the Full Image option, as a variety of effects can be applied. You have two options for shading, Cel and Gradient, and many options for effects.

The above image is cel-shaded, mimicking the style of various cartoons like Anime and how they shade their characters. Some gradient-shading is applied on the background and foreground for effect. This method takes longer than gradient-shading but looks better, and has no other effects added to it besides the obvious lighting.

This image is of the same character with cel-shading and gradient-shading applied to both him and the background/foreground. This effect works best for darker themes and places, such as caves and bars. This image has layered blurring for depth perception and gives the best results for your backgrounds. These methods take longer, so please be aware that there will be more time required if you want these effects adding.

Traditional Colours

This section is subject to change.

Oil Paintings

At present, I only provide landscape paintings for the oil medium. I can either paint a landscape based on a photograph of a real place, or something entirely fantasy-based from a concept or brief you have in your head.
Paintings can only be commissioned if you have a valid Social Media account, meaning you must have a profile picture, the account must be older than a few weeks, and must have more than one contact/friend/follower. You may contact me via DM/PM on either Twitter or Facebook. I will not accept commissions for paintings through E-mail discussions unless you have a valid Social media account.

Package Options:
A5 Canvas: £25
A4 Canvas: £45
A3 Canvas: £75
Other sizes are available on request.

The cost to ship your canvas will increase depending on the size of your selected image. The three sizes listed are the best options for both canvas costs and shipping charges. Also, note that delivery of paintings outside the UK will cost more in shipping fees. Oil paintings take a while to dry so you may end up waiting a few additional days after the painting is finished before it can be shipped. Please, when it comes to your postal address, be sure to double-check it before you send me your details! In order to guarantee your painting arrives in good time, I am very quick to print off labels and send things in the post as soon as I obtain an address, so you won’t get much time to correct any mistakes! Please double-check your postal address is correct!

Coloured Pens

I am able to provide both landscape artwork and character art in marker pens. Please note that there are two types of pens I use; watercolour-based and alcohol-based. The alcohol pens work best on thinner paper and as a result, are the best option if you are on a tight budget.
Watercolour pens work best on watercolour paper which is thicker and costs more to produce. The prices listed here are only rough estimates and can cost more (or less) depending on design complexity. You can commission this service through Social Media, Deviant-art, or directly through E-mail. At present, I am only able to do coloured pen images on A4 or smaller sheets of paper.

Package Options:
A4 Sized Image: Character – £10 to £20 Each
A4 Sized Image: Landscape – £20 to £30 Each

When the image is finished you will receive it in the mail and a digital copy of A4 or smaller sized images, as these can easily be scanned in. These scans will be sent to you online via the media you contacted me with.

Reclaiming Lost Artwork

I keep back-ups of all artwork on an external hard drive if I can scan them in before shipping the original out to you. This means that should you lose your physical artwork, or the file becomes corrupt in any way, I can send you a new digital copy free of charge. This service is not available at conventions or for paintings as you take the physical artwork away with you and I am unable to scan in painted canvases.

What do I have to do?

First, don’t panic! I use to lose images all the time because my folders were so disorganized, but ever since I got the external hard drive everything is much better. If you lost your artwork chances are it’s buried somewhere you don’t expect, but if you have searched high and low to no avail here is what you have to do. Contact me at either E-bay or using the same e-mail address (or relevant Social Media account) you commissioned me with. This helps me locate your work much faster in my records.
If you don’t have access to that e-mail address or a specific account anymore, tell me what display name you used if it isn’t the same as the one you are contacting me with now, and please specify roughly the date you commissioned me and what it was you paid me for. Just the year and month will do.
If you can’t remember the date you commissioned me, try to remember what your image looked like and describe it to me as best you can, and tell me the display name you gave me to use to identify you.

Remember to always back up your commissioned images! I always keep a record for emergencies, but it’s always good practice to keep backups of your own.

If what you want drawing is mature in nature, please don’t be afraid to contact me. I do however ask all my clients if I can post the work I provide on this site or this site for my portfolio. If you do NOT want me to do this, please let me know.

Third-Party Programs

Second Life Work is no longer available.
Due to time and previous issues with Second Life, I no longer take commissions involving the program, nor do I provide further support for projects made before 2021. All previous projects are still available to purchase, but I do not provide support for them, nor do they qualify for the new BENTO upgrades.
Should you have an issue with your 2021 BENTO avatar purchases, please send me a notecard in SecondLife, or drop me a DM on Twitter. I use SecondLife on Mondays, Tuesdays, and occasionally Sundays.

To prevent me from suffering another case of severe artistic burnout, which lasted 3 years the last time it happened, I am limiting my creative window on SecondLife. This means I will only be uploading ONE new avatar a week maximum, or ONE clothing set when my avatar line is finished. Loose mesh heads, hands, legs, and tails, will be uploaded at the same time as the single avatar.

All purchases via SecondLife help fund future avatar work, and the running costs on the website.

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