NOTE: Commissions are closed right now. I am busy with other projects, and reworking the service!

3D Asset

£10 +

  • Individual Buildings
  • Street Clutter
  • Interior Furniture

3D Terrain

£40 +

  • Multiple Buildings
  • Empty Terrain
  • Fully Decorated Scenes

3D Character

£60 +

  • Static Model (no rig)
  • Posable Model (rigged)
  • Model + Animations

VTuber Avatar

£90 +

  • Full Body Rigging
  • VRM Spring Bones
  • Emotes & Face Rigging

Build Your Package

If none of the above options suits your needs, please get in touch and we can discuss a custom order.

Diverse Rigging

Models can be rigged with multiple options. Extra limbs, wings, facial, and tails are a few of them.

Polycount to Your Needs

The models I make can have their details sculpted for 3D printing, or by using bump/normal maps for animations or games.

Backup Protection

All projects are backed up on an external hard drive for 5 years, in the event your work is lost or damaged.

Book a Commission Slot

To ensure everyone’s project receives my full attention, there are a limited number of slots per month for commissioned work. Once a project is finished, the slot reopens for someone else to use.

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Artwork Prices and Payments

Requesting work be done for free is not tolerated; all artwork must be paid for with money. Things like “exposure” or “recognition” is not suitable payment methods. You will be blacklisted from my services if you try to do this.
All artwork payments are handled through PayPal unless they are done at a convention stall where cash or debit cards are accepted as preferred alternatives.

Reclaiming Lost Artwork

I keep backups of all artwork on an external hard drive. This means that should you lose your artwork, or the file becomes corrupt in any way, I can send you a new digital copy free of charge. This service is not available at conventions or for paintings as you take the physical artwork away with you and I am unable to scan in painted canvases.

What do I have to do?

First, don’t panic! I use to lose images all the time because my folders were so disorganized, but ever since I got the external hard drive everything is much better. If you lost your artwork chances are it’s buried somewhere you don’t expect, but if you have searched high and low to no avail here is what you have to do.

Contact me at using the same e-mail address (or relevant Social Media account) you commissioned me with. This helps me locate your work much faster in my records.
If you don’t have access to that e-mail address or a specific account anymore, tell me what display name you used if it isn’t the same as the one you are contacting me with now, and please specify roughly the date you commissioned me, and what it was you paid me for. Just the year and month will do.
If you can’t remember the date you commissioned me, try to remember what your artwork looked like and describe it to me as best you can, and tell me the display name you gave me to use to identify you.

Remember to always back up your commissioned images! I always keep a record for emergencies, but it’s always good practice to keep backups of your own.

Third-Party Programs

Second Life Work is no longer available.
Due to time and previous issues with Second Life, I no longer take commissions involving the program, nor do I provide further support for projects.

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