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New Server!

Hey again! Well, I migrated the website to a new server, and all is smooth so far. I am going to be completely overhauling the look and feel of the site over the next few months, but for now everything is functioning as intended. You can now purchase physical copies of the Subject 218 books, […]

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Volume 1 of the Tales of Tim series!

Here we go again! I received my first test prints of the books, and whilst I loved how they looked I felt there was some room to improve them. I have already corrected Operation: HUNT DOWN and have officially released it from the depths of my brain-closet for you to enjoy. Or maybe take Tim’s advice […]

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A quick little post!

View the Cover Art here It’s finally coming next year…the Guide I have been working on for the past 5 years, or 18 years if you want to be VERY precise, will be ready for digital publishing…as will, of course, the first volume of the Folklore. Hunt Down is still ready for the final polishing […]

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Work and Progress

Greetings all, I have not updated my status for a while, huh? That’s because of a few things… I have a Job! I started work in August and boy, is it busy! I end up so exhausted that I barely have time or energy to make or draw anything, but that leads on to something […]

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Digital Copies Confirmed!

I managed to work out a method of reformatting my documents to EPUB, the format most commonly accepted/supported for E-Readers, after some much hard work and late nights editing code. I can now say with certainty that digital copies of everything will be available as originally planned once again, however the Jinimaru Guide has images […]

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Digital Copies Uncertain

I have been working hard to get the Jiniamru Compilation done, now that the Guide is finished, but have recently run into a slur of problems regarding formatting for E-Readers. The text document is formatting correctly to PDF, but when transferred to an E-Reader the formatting is lost and the writing becomes difficult to follow; […]

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So close, but yet so far!

Well I’ve been grinding the gears in the old noggin’ and re-read the Jinimaru Guide, corrected as many spelling and grammar errors as I could, and consider it “readable” now for anyone with the attention span to do so. As for images, all the breeds have been drawn now and entered into the guide, alongside […]