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Digital Copies Confirmed!

I managed to work out a method of reformatting my documents to EPUB, the format most commonly accepted/supported for E-Readers, after some much hard work and late nights editing code. I can now say with certainty that digital copies of everything will be available as originally planned once again, however the Jinimaru Guide has images […]

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Digital Copies Uncertain

I have been working hard to get the Jiniamru Compilation done, now that the Guide is finished, but have recently run into a slur of problems regarding formatting for E-Readers. The text document is formatting correctly to PDF, but when transferred to an E-Reader the formatting is lost and the writing becomes difficult to follow; […]

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So close, but yet so far!

Well I’ve been grinding the gears in the old noggin’ and re-read the Jinimaru Guide, corrected as many spelling and grammar errors as I could, and consider it “readable” now for anyone with the attention span to do so. As for images, all the breeds have been drawn now and entered into the guide, alongside […]

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Little Extra Preview!

I haven’t done any real work on the website lately, but have been working on the sculptures, paintings, drawings and writing work! So this month I am giving you a little preview of the sculpture work again, and a snippet from The Jinimaru Chronicles: Alpha (also known as the Jinimaru Guide). That’s the sculpture preview, […]

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Hunt Down Chapter Sample Posted!

I posted the uncensored Chapter Sample for Hunt Down: The Random Journal of Some Guy on Tumblr today, as I am now 1/3 of the way through the writing process of the story. No artwork besides images of Tim himself have been made yet as I am still trying to decide on a cover design. You […]

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New Novel Information Page Added

I had another novel in the works for a long time, put it on hiatus for a few years, and have now resurrected it. It is the original story for Tim Adrien Argan (see Character Biographies Part 1) and is the most mature-rated novel in the collection. At present there is very little information due […]

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RAWR! Is that Donisaur?

It has been quite some time since our last news post, but that is because we have been working on RAWR! It’s Donisaur! We have the first three volumes of the series written up and ready, all that remains is to draw pictures for every single page! (Phew! That’s going to be exhausting!) Here is […]

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Status Updates

First, we are closing the Forum as we are unable to find a solution to the spam-bots that keep flooding it, and we do not have the patience to filter through every single account that registers. With this being the case, we will be removing the current Splash Page with a new one when we come up […]

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Chapter Sample LIVE for "The Jinimaru Chronicles: Omega"

The chapter sample for our first novel is now available on the page labelled in the title! Although this sample is up for you to read now, it will likely change when the entire novel is finished as we are still in the ‘raw stage’ of the writing process. We have established that The Jinimaru […]