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Anthro Red XIII Avatars now available

Introducing SecondLife’s first ever Anthro Red XIII avatars! There are only four colours available right now, however I am open to re-colour commissions. The avatars on sale are 500L$, commissioned colour avatars are the same only with an added 100L$ deposit before work begins to cover upload costs. If you wish to commission Zuperbuu Jinx […]

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Jinimaru Avatars Now For Sale

The first line-up of Jinimaru Avatars is now available for sale in-world and on SecondLife Marketplace for 900L$. There are only 100 copies of the Limited Edition Jinimaru Starscream Avatar.¬†Once they’re all gone, they’re gone! The avatar is set at 800L$ like all LImited Edition non-Transformer avatars. But we do not intend on making just […]

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Zuperbuu Works Newsletter: LIVE!

The Newsletter subscription is now LIVE! You can find the option to subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom left of the archives menu. Simple type in your email address, click the confirmation link we email to you, and then await your first Newsletter! We only send out one Newsletter a month, regarding news to […]

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Forum Registration Temporarily Closed

I am working on graphics and spam-bot protection for the forum, as many bots were registering and bombarding the forum with content that is not suitable for a majority of viewers. Whilst I fix this issue, the forum will not be accepting registrations. The Newsletter feature is still a work in progress, but I hope […]

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Our first Opening!

Well, here we are! The website is officially up and running, although a few of the pages will still be blank or have small amounts of information on them (since I’m still adding to them all). For now the only pages with content for viewing are ‘external links’, the ‘About us’ page and the novel […]