Refreshing refresh of the site!


Well, kinda…the site got a clean-up and the store finally works, but I had to scrap the newsletter completely to make enough space for it. When I am given a bigger disk space I will gladly return it to our services.

…and our Second Life vendors got a refresh as well! Check it out!

If you want to help me get more disk space, allowing me to upload more products, then please feel free to either purchase what is already on sale or donate to me through paypal.

All funds raised go towards upgrading the disk space, keeping the site running and uploading more avatars to Second Life at affordable prices.
Thank you!


Closure of Second Life services


I regret to inform all Zuperbuu Works followers on Second Life that I will no longer be making complete avatars. On the odd occasion I may provide rigged-mesh parts for users to purchase, or texture mods, but this will become a very rare thing.
There are various reasons as to why I am cutting the service. These include the following:

1. Time. This is the main reason; I can no longer juggle this many services by myself, and must dedicate as much of my time as possible to getting a book finished. How long it is taking is getting rather ridiculous.

2. Management Issues. I use to have several staff on Second Life but they have all since dispersed without notice, once again leaving me to juggle their assignments as well as my own, and as I have lost contact with several staff on Second Life I cannot hand over management over to them.

3. Funding. I was informed repeatedly by other staff and clients alike that they worried about my financial situations, yet raising the prices of my Second Life goods was a big no-no. Since Second Life services yield poor income over potential other areas I have decided to end said service to focus on something else I may stand a chance at getting a real “paycheck” with.

4. Real Life and Social Life. Similar in nature to Time. I have a lot of other things I could be doing that I find more enjoyable than getting trapped in a virtual world…like play video games with friends and family and watch movies with them. Unfortunately I found Second Life sucked out a HUGE chunk of my social life in the past and when I limited myself to a few hours a day on it I spent all my time building on it instead of balancing it with socialising.

So there you have it. Until further notice I am ending all avatar builds on Second Life and limiting my hours on it to 2 hours at most at any time I choose to go on it.
I thank all my followers on the service for their kind words of motivation and their amazing levels of patience, and hope to one day return to creating goods for them once all the above reasons have settled.

~ Thomas Edwards

Updates for Avatars.ect


After long hours and many days working on the mesh Jinimaru Avatar update, the Second Life program continues to distort and ruin my meshes and textures, destroying the quality of the work and time I put into them.
Because of this massive setback I have scrapped the previous models and am now working on newer meshes with fewer polys in hope that they will turn out exactly as they should do in the Second Life world. Updates to anything related to meshes, artwork and sculpture will as always be found on our Tumblr blog.

I am also still in the process of setting up costume commissions, though cannot say when they will be available. I am still finishing off the example pieces and calculating delivery costs for specific items and combinations of items. As usual, artwork commissions are open and available; please e-mail me here for inquiries and remember you can always check out the Tumblr Blog for examples of my work.

The first written piece of work is completed; The Jinimaru Guide has all of its pages written, it just lacks artwork and needs proof-reading. It will not be released on its own but will be released alongside the first novel (the Compilation) which I hope to sell together for £15 (approx).

The Newsletter is still down whilst I work out the bugs of it sending 2 messages instead of 1, and adding the new artwork.

Thanks for being patient and hopefully should get this first work done before the year is out!

Progress on Avatars and CGI Shorts


This is going to be a quickie, just because I have already gone into a lot of detail already about the new “Mesh Avatars” I am making on Second Life which will also be used in my short movie clips to practice and display my self-taught skill in using Blender.

-The male and female bodies ARE FINISHED and basic textures are applied.
-The two tail types are finished in both rigged and none-rigged format, but lack textures.
-One mane and leg-fur type have been made, but lack textures.
-Other male and female cosmetic enhancements to identify their gender are made and textured.
-A basic pair of fitted shorts and a shirt have been made for male and female, but lack textures.
-A pair of fitted boots are currently being sculpted for both genders.
-The first set of facial-fur and nose/teeth/whiskers for the default SL head are being sculpted, and are unisex.

A side-note on Second Life work; after the updated Jinimaru Mesh avatars I will be returning to simple mods and my original writing, and will not be making new avatars again for some time.
You can follow my progress along with see new material not related to the CGI work on the Tumblr Blog.

That’s all for now; checklist is steadily being filled up on these avatars! Yay!

~ Thomas Edwards



Well I have finally had surgery and a making a great recovery! I should be up and about in a more active fashion in the next month and intend on crunching through my writing to get at least ONE of my books ready for publishing this year (there may be two, depending on how fast my beta readers read the drafts and how long I have to amend them.)
I have also started the long task of updating the SecondLife Jinimaru avatars to rigged mesh format. Here is a model of a body (male, fully furred), remember you can follow progress on all creative work on our Tumblr Blog.

The Avatars will not likely be up for sale until the end of the year as I am making male/female bodies with 3 mane types, 2 tail types in 2 styles and 3 hair styles per gender alongside a bunch of other accessories such as gender-enhancing add-ons (mammaries for females and extra fur-patches for males.)
Texturing has not started on the project due to the surgery and as of today only the body and tail sets have been finished. I will pick up on making manes and other stuff when I have recovered.

I have also tidied up the following pages on the site: Jinimaru Chronicles, Hunt Down and Character Biographies 1. The changes are minor spelling corrections and alterations to story briefs to match corrections in the actual story.

More news when I have recovered!

~Thomas Edwards

Removed DeviantArt account

I don’t want to go into too much detail about why I chose to do this, but I will sum it up as “it was strictly necessary” to do it.The account has been deactivated completely and I will never be returning to Deviantart again, not even to view others work.

I have also closed my account though it still shows up on the site, as all fan-fiction is now on Archive of Our Own, and I didn’t much like the way I was treated in the past at; as with Deviantart I shall not be returning there either.
For commissions and viewing all my uploaded artwork, remember to visit one of two Tumblr accounts: Zuperbuu (fan-stuff) and Zuperbuuworks (original stuff, sometimes fan work if commissioned.)

In other news: New Dragon avatars on Second-Life! The Bene’thayas! Which is of course, based on one of my dragons from Apocalypse Blue.

The anthro Spinosaurus and Raptors are on the way too! They should be up sometime in September, and then after them comes the Na’an Dragon! Another one of our oldies I’m excited to remake after 16 years!
Thanks for your support and patience!

~ Thomas Edwards

Another Year, another case of procrastination!

I’m 25 today…yaaaay!
Nothing much to announce yet besides the fact the Fufe sculpture is finally finished, and that I am once again having serious issues focusing on my writing and drawing work…it’s not good, but at least I get something readable done now and then…just not enough to get a whole book published.
Sickness, procrastination, lack of motivation, changes in my time schedule and the addition of a new kitty to the family has all been flooding my writing time or damaging it…let us hope this sea of madness soon subsides!
So thanks for the support and patience, and for sticking by me for another year!

In other news; the Archaeopteryx avatars got updated on Secondlife as have the Pterosaurs, the Fufe is now available as an avatar and the Transformers avatars are back up under my partner Cid Huckleberry’s shop (you can find it by searching for him under ‘merchants’) so there are at least a few other things to update you about!

~Thomas Edwards

Soon to arrive at Second Life: WATER DRAGONS!

Also known as the Hydra Avatar Themed after our own demonic antagonist of Apocalypse Blue, Hydrous Draconic.
The avatar will cost 300L$ each and will be available in an assortment of colours; see here and here for a few examples of the choices which will be made available.
The avatars will include a talk-jaw, moving eyes (also tintable), fully sculpted parts, three tail types to choose from (up, down and flexible). The Limited Editions come with unique skin colours, markings and Zodiac-themed Tattoos at the same price. One Special Edition avatar will be made, with only one ever existing in Second Life, which will include tattoo-layer options and markings in a tye-dye style based on all animals within the Zodiac; this Special Edition avatar will be won via a raffle on the day of the Water Dragon release (10L$ per entry for avatar valued at 300L$).

The Water Dragon Avatars are scheduled for public release January 1st 2014, though presently this date may be pushed forwards to December 21st 2013 (due to possible completion of the work earlier than expected).

Second Life Jinimaru Avatar Update

I have begun the long and tedious task of updating the Jinimaru avatars from the old sculpt-based heads and very fat legs to a more sleek and smooth design. The Asian variation already have this update though they have rigged mesh legs and thighs which is made only for them, the Red XIII ‘Legendary’ Jinimaru have also been fully updated with a mesh head (but they still use sculpted thighs and legs, which are still new models).
The Avatar Kit will be made exactly the same way as the Red XIII Jinimaru update, with a new feature of fully re-colourable facial markings and more tail styles to choose from.
Once the update to the main kit is finished I will continue working on the Marine and Domestic varieties, before finally ending the line of Jinimaru avatars with the Cubs!

After all that work on the Jinimaru avatars I will finally be able to work on the Hydra, Fufe and Dinosaur avatars again (though wether they will be 100% mesh or partial mesh, or without mesh at all, I cannot say right now.)

In other news relating to the website and Deviantart; my deviantart account will no longer be updated. You can locate my latest fanart work on Tumblr and fan-fiction on Archive of Our Own (see External Links).
I have tidied up the Character Biography for Tim Adrien Argan so it is less messy, it should be easier to read now (I admit, I rushed it at the time of writing it).
The Newsletter is on hold right now whilst I create some new artwork for it. This isn’t at the top of my list of things to do (that would be the novels) but as soon as the artwork is done I will be sending a Newsletter out, you should receive it providing you have subscribed.

That’s all for now! My next update will be with a Chapter Sample from Hunt Down: The Random Journal of Some Guy though I will be on vacation at the start of October, so expect the sample before the end of October (and hopefully news of the novels finish by December!)

Thomas Edwards