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Closure of Twitter account and Reopening Second Life

Our Twitter account was compromised by some asian hackers, so we closed it down. No biggie, we didn’t use it much anyway! Second Life services are open again but very limited; if you wish to commission Zuperbuu Jinx to make an avatar skin.ect for you, be prepared to pay for it. Requests are not open […]

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Closure of Second Life services

I regret to inform all Zuperbuu Works followers on Second Life that I will no longer be making complete avatars. On the odd occasion I may provide rigged-mesh parts for users to purchase, or texture mods, but this will become a very rare thing. There are various reasons as to why I am cutting the […]

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Well I have finally had surgery and a making a great recovery! I should be up and about in a more active fashion in the next month and intend on crunching through my writing to get at least ONE of my books ready for publishing this year (there may be two, depending on how fast […]

Other Site Updates Second Life

Removed DeviantArt account

I don’t want to go into too much detail about why I chose to do this, but I will sum it up as “it was strictly necessary” to do it.The account has been deactivated completely and I will never be returning to Deviantart again, not even to view others work. I have also closed my […]

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Another Year, another case of procrastination!

I’m 25 today…yaaaay! Nothing much to announce yet besides the fact the Fufe sculpture is finally finished, and that I am once again having serious issues focusing on my writing and drawing work…it’s not good, but at least I get something readable done now and then…just not enough to get a whole book published. Sickness, […]

Other Site Updates Second Life

Soon to arrive at Second Life: WATER DRAGONS!

Also known as the Hydra Avatar Themed after our own demonic antagonist of Apocalypse Blue, Hydrous Draconic. The avatar will cost 300L$ each and will be available in an assortment of colours; see hereĀ and here for a few examples of the choices which will be made available. The avatars will include a talk-jaw, moving eyes […]

Other Site Updates Second Life

Second Life Jinimaru Avatar Update

I have begun the long and tedious task of updating the Jinimaru avatars from the old sculpt-based heads and very fat legs to a more sleek and smooth design. The Asian variation already have this update though they have rigged mesh legs and thighs which is made only for them, the Red XIII ‘Legendary’ Jinimaru […]