Asian Jinimaru Avatars Launched!

The Asian Jinimaru have finally been launched on Second Life! Featuring all new rigged-mesh thighs and digigrade legs, complete with a totally new look and design that will soon be applied to the Grassland/Desert/Alpine Jinimaru “Avatar Kit” Update.


Unlike the existing Kit, which contains all three of the most common Jinimaru breeds, the Asian variety come with pre-coloured skins. This singular-skin is only applicable to the Asian, Marine and Australian varieties of Maru; so users who already own the large “kit” do not need to worry about losing the tintable skin layers feature (we plan on keeping that trait for the default, domestic and cub kits! It’s going nowhere!)
All future Maru avatars will be made with partial mesh, partial sculpt and with the default SL head from now on (the mesh head we tried to make was insanely buggy and would not upload correctly. We will keep trying though.)

Grab your Asian Maru now on Marketplace, or sit tight and wait for the release of the Limited Edition…ooooh…I wonder who that will be?


Anthro Dinosaurs Are Here!

Countless weeks staring at Blender, drinking nothing but caffeine-free tea and stuffing my face with low energy foods, I finally figured out how to make rigged meshes and import them into Second Life.

The end result is the first in a long line of anthropomorphic Dinosaur avatars; the Stegosaurus.

All our new range of Dinosaurs will have fully rigged upper and lower bodies, with the option to remove the digigrade legs provided (should you not like the very large ones) to substitute with alternative options.
Tails, Spines/horns, jaws, eyes and claws are all still sculpted as our sculpts have always been fairly low poly and load very quickly.
Each Dinosaur avatar is fully recolourable without needing to upload any new textures (unless you really want to), and come with yapping jaws that animate when you type.
Better still, I have capped the Anthro Dinosaur prices to 500L$ MAX. The Stegosaurus is 400L$.

Our next line of Anthro Dinosaurs include:
Sauropod (based on Apatosaurus)
Dromaeosaur (based on Deinonychus)
Tyrannosaurus Rex

Hadrosaur (Parasaurolophus and many others)

This is just a short list of the many Dinosaurs we wish to provide in Second Life. For more information on our work and updates on our products, it is strongly advised you join the “SL Jinimaru Colony” group in Second Life as we post frequent updates and information there.
You can buy a Stegosaurus avatar from our Marketplace store:

NOTE: The Anthro Pterodactyl and Archaeopteryx will NOT be getting any updates to MESH at this time.

Status Updates

First, we are closing the Forum as we are unable to find a solution to the spam-bots that keep flooding it, and we do not have the patience to filter through every single account that registers. With this being the case, we will be removing the current Splash Page with a new one when we come up with a better design.

Second, the Newsletter will now be release once every quarter instead of monthly as this gives us time to create new graphics for them to make them more interesting.

Finally, please find below the list of on-going Novels and other Works we are working hard to bring to you! Be aware that the order of the list does not comply with the order of release-dates and/or progression towards completion.

  • The Jinimaru Chronicles: Alpha
    Plot and Brief Written. Main Writing stage is on Hiatus prior to completion of Beta.
  • The Jinimaru Chronicles: Beta
    Plot and Brief Written. Main Writing stage is on Hiatus prior to completion of Omega.
  • The Jinimaru Chronicles: Omega
    Plot and Brief Written. Main Writing stage is ongoing. 1/4 of Novel completed.
  • RAWR! It’s Donisaur!
    Plot and Brief Written. Main Writing stage is on Hiatus prior to completion of The Jinimaru Chronicles Trilogy. 
  • Losing Speed
    Plot and Brief Written. Main Writing stage is on Hiatus prior to completion of RAWR! It’s Donisaur!
  • Apocalypse Blue
    Plot and Brief in development. Refinement stage is on Hiatus prior to completion of Losing Speed.

Avatar Lineup (Second Life)
Asian and Marine Jinimaru Avatar Kit
Domestic Jinimaru Avatar Kit
Jinimaru Cub Avatars
Anthro Stegosaurus Avatar
Anthro Apatosaurus Avatar
Anthro Triceratops Avatar
Anthro Hydra-Dragon Avatar

This concludes the updates for Novels and None-Fan Avatars (Second Life). For more information on Avatars and their release-dates it is advised you join the corresponding Group in Second Life.

Anthro Red XIII Avatars now available

Introducing SecondLife’s first ever Anthro Red XIII avatars!

There are only four colours available right now, however I am open to re-colour commissions. The avatars on sale are 500L$, commissioned colour avatars are the same only with an added 100L$ deposit before work begins to cover upload costs.
If you wish to commission Zuperbuu Jinx for a re-colour of the Red XIII avatar please contact her through SecondLife Instant Message or through Deviantart Notes.

Included with each Red XIII, both on sale already and any commissioned re-colours, is a Jinimaru variant for free. The regular avatar has a talk-jaw and three tail types, whilst the Jinimaru version has an animated mouth whilst you type with three tail options and alternate hair options.

You can buy the avatars on SecondLife Marketplace here: *This location is safe for everyone.
Or visit our main-store in SecondLife itself here:…..n/233/112/1967 *This location is only accessible to age-verified users of SecondLife.

Coming Soon to Second Life…

Red XIII (also called Nanaki) is a character from Final Fantasy VII, who was requested repeatedly by the Second Life “Final Fantasy Roleplay Community” to be made as an avatar.
Many avatar creators began their renditions of the character, and all have pulled back from finishing them. However, Zuperbuu Works rendition of Red XIII is finished, and all that is left is to finish the bonus avatar we’re throwing in for free alongside it.

That’s right; Red XIII Jinimaru.
Both avatars have a unique shape, head and hair style that represent the character in their own way. The Jinimaru, for example, has it’s usual humanoid face and is far shorter than the regular Red XIII avatar. It also has more hair on its head than the regular Red XIII.
“They look fully finished to me” is what I imagine you’re thinking…well, these ones are finished. But I have three more skins to make!
What you see here is the default Red XIII skin. I have yet to finish the Advent Children skin, the Cosplay brown skin and the Sandy Blonde skin. Other skins/colours will be available by request only, and will be made public once they are finished.

So stay tuned for more avatar updates and site news! 🙂

Anthro Archaeopteryx Now on Sale

The first in our line of Anthro Dinosaur avatars for Second Life is now available! Introducing the Anthro Archaeopteryx! It comes in four colours plus a limited edition colour!

These are just three of the five colours available! 300L$ each, or 400L$ for the Limited Edition red, white and blue! They come with talk-jaws, flexi tails, optional head and back manes, sculpted parts and a nice colourful skin. You can find these and MORE at the Online Store:

We are proud to announce our next three avatars, due out before the end of November! The Anthro Pteranodon, the Anthro Kingfisher, and of course our Marine and Bamboo Jinimaru Kit.

Bookmark the site and visit us often for any updates or sneak previews! Or subscribe to our Newsletter for instant updates to your e-mail address once a month!


We are in preparations for the opening release of our Jinimaru Creation Kit, based on our novel Trilogy “The Jinimaru Chronicles”!

The kit comes with one main box containing all the items used by the other breeds of Jinimaru; this includes the Head, eyes, hands, feet, belly/butt fur and cheek fur. You will also find inside the main box are 3 breed boxes, 2 fur/markings boxes and an optional accessories box.
The three breeds in this default pack includes the Alpine/Tundra Jinimaru, the Desert/Jungle Jinimaru and the Grassland/Forest Jinimaru. Each breed pack has a mane, pair of legs and tails that all match the Jinimaru’s biome.

Other features the avatar includes are moving eyes, a mouth that animates when you type, full sculpted parts all with less than three different textures sued for faster loading times and less lag, a fun script that makes the Jinimaru avatar jump in shock when someone touches its tail, walking sound effects for those chubby feet and much more!

There are markings for almost every part of the avatar including the head, ALL FULLY RECOLOURABLE. Even the SKIN is fully recolourable without having to do any editing work in photoshop or paint; all editing for colours and marking/fur combinations are done directly on Second Life.
The amount of markings available, with everything on the avatar 100% recolourable, makes this the most customizable non-feral avatar on Second Life. The amount of different looks and styles you can make with just the kit on its own are so large I can’t upload enough images to display them all.
So why spend 900L$ on one single-coloured animal avatar with limited customization, when you can have unlimited colour choices and styles, all in one package?
Updates are also free for LIFE with this kit. You will get an update card in the box which you need to look after, as when it comes to getting any updates we make you will need to use the card to get your update for free!

The Jinimaru Avatar Kit is due for official launch in Marketplace and our Second Life in-world stores by July 15th, though the release party will be held on the 22nd at a venue yet to be decided upon.
We have a second kit in progress alongside the Jinimaru Cub avatars; Marine and Bamboo Jinimaru! We do not know when these kits will be available, but we will let you all know as soon as possible!

For now, enjoy the pictures and look forward to the avatars release soon! And be sure to join our Second Life group for updates to our avatars!


Rear-view of a Bobtailed Jinimaru Avatar

One of limitless combinations from the Jinimaru Avatar Kit!