Another update!

Okay, these two-updates in one day things are not as common as they may look, but one thing that is common is my floppy memory; I completely forgot to share this other piece of artwork I made for the convention table, featuring two QR codes that link to our facebook page and our redbubble store.
As usual, the redbubble page only has a few prints on it, and I only have room to take one print with me to the convention for display purposes. I opted to take the Jinimaru Folklore print featuring all four main characters, plus Specimen G-13. This print sample I am taking has the website url below it, but the ones for sale on redbubble don’t.

Okay, I have some last minute things to do before next week, so this will be the last update until the Thursday evening before the convention next week. See you all soon!


More Images!

I have updated a handful of images on the site, namely the old Error Page, and I have a few more lined up for future projects. The error page image now has more than one language on it, since the translator on the site is no good for images. The languages currently on the image are English, French, German, Spanish and Japanese. Sorry that took so long.

Some good news! The last of my book stock has arrived today, and all of them have crystal-clear images with no marks, smudges or odd black spots like I pointed out in my last update. I even got the issue with the wrong spine print sorted out, so it no longer says (B&W) on the spine, however this correction was done at the last minute and some of the spines as a result have the print slightly off-centre. This error only happened on the spines of the guide, and is barely noticeable.
The bags also arrived today and I am very happy with the quality of the print! These will come FREE with all purchases of the Guide, since it’s a huge book, though they will be on sale to those who only wish to buy the smaller books as well. The bags are £1 each, and include a complimentary sticker and business card.

We have just over two weeks before the convention; everything is now printed, stocked and stored ready for the big event. All that’s left is to travel down and get set up. It’s all very exciting, and I hope will be the first of many future conventions I can attend.


Table location, and more!

Another update in the same day! What are the odds? Slim, that’s what. Anyway, I received our table location and have started setting up the marketing materials, so first here’s our location!

Okay, it’s not very precise, but the full-size map isn’t available yet. but you get the general idea. I also want to take this chance to share a piece of promotional artwork, which has a QR-code for people to use that takes them directly to the LuLu bookstore. I am travelling with limited stock, so if I sell out of a book you want whilst at the show, don’t worry; all books are available on the LuLu store and at many other online retailers now, so just scan the QR-code, click the link and away you go.
It’s been a rough few years getting everything set up, but it’s all falling into place now. I’m looking forward to seeing you all at the convention!


Size Comparison, and me ranting about printers!

Okay, I don’t rant that much, but I still had a few things to say about how inconsistent the printers have been with me lately. I am still working on getting things right with them, but with the service I get (print on demand) this sort of thing is bound to happen. Still, it’s fun to rant about it.

I said I didn’t want to go into much detail about the interior print issues, but for the curious few here’s a bit more ranting…I mean…information, on these issues. Remember; these issues have now been corrected.
Let’s start with a bit of background info; I wasn’t sure what type of paper to use for my books, so I ordered coated paper first. This made the book pages have a glossy texture to them, and makes them look wonderful…however, some pages wound up looking like this:

Now, I wasn’t sure why this happened, so I got in touch with the printer and they said it might have to do with the type of paper I chose, so I decided to order the book with uncoated paper, which worked out cheaper as well, but the issue still remained.

If anything, I thought it looked worse on the matt paper, and the images didn’t look as clear or vibrant. So I ordered another copy in coated paper, and guess what? The issue was gone!

But oh dear, a new problem! All the other books didn’t have alignment issues, but for some reason this one did. I got it fixed in the final version.

So after much hassle, and many headaches, I got the final copies I liked. But as mentioned in the video, the stock still has a fault on the spine of the books. *Sigh* I have fixed it now, so any online purchases won’t get this problem. I hope to have more information before the convention, including the location of our table!


Specimen G-13 Update!

It’s not a big update, but since this book is the bad boy I have been working on for goodness knows how many years, it’s an important part of the Jinimaru series and deserves even the slightest shout out for an update. Basically, I have changed the Volume 1 summary, release date and uploaded the front cover artwork. I have had to reschedule the release date since I am moving house, and I will also be away in Japan early next year so I won’t be able to order any proof-copies of the physical print. I will likely release the EPUB before the print version, but again this won’t be until early next year. You can find the artwork for the front cover in both the gallery and on the Jinimaru Novel page. Unlike the other books I have done, this one will have the same FRONT cover art on all volumes, but in different colours. There is unique artwork for each volume on the back of the books.

Just another thing to mention; Volume 3 of Jinimaru Folklore is finished, but I still haven’t received the final draft from my proof-reader yet. Just in case I cannot get it printed in time for the convention, I have ordered one copy that has the first-draft printed inside it, but the cover art and inserts are the same as those found on the final version. It will just be there as a sample, just like the copy of Subject 218 I will be taking as well. Volume 4 is finished too, but I don’t want to take another sample that doesn’t even have the finished draft inside.

Anyway, it’s a short update but it’s something! Hopefully I will have better news in a week or so, as I am chasing my proof-readers, but I also understand that they have their own lives to get on with as well.


Colour Print samples have arrived!

I mentioned a while ago about my recent arrangements with a printing service that will allow me to buy, and sell, full-colour prints of my books at a far cheaper price; well I can now tell you that the first samples have arrived! I have noticed some flaws, and have contacted the printers who have been very helpful in getting the prints sorted out to look the best they can, whilst keeping the costs low.

The first samples were printed on coated white paper, this gives it a more glossy texture and is harder to stain, but selecting this option caused a new problem. Because several images are heavy on the use of black ink, this type of paper has caused some of those images to smudge or leave black dots on the pages during printing. The printers suggested I go for un-coated white paper and see if they look any better, so I have done just that. Once the sample arrives I will make a video showcasing the scales of the books, since a video will display the sizes of the books and the quality of the prints better than just a simple photograph.

For convenience, I have also started a page in the “Written Work” section of the site, which will help readers decide which version of a book is best suited to their budget and/or needs, as I can only provide discounted colour books at conventions or by selling leftover stock on etsy. Information on the book publishing process will also be available to read, for the curious few.


Epubs! Epubs for all!

No, an Epub is not a place where we Brits go to drink. They are E-Books!

I already had Subject 218 Volume 1 up for sale in Epub format, but now everything else is available. So, if the book has a print out now, the Epub will be available as well.
Why are Epubs important? Well, you can carry a physical copy of a book anywhere really, but sometimes you leave the house without it, get stuck waiting for hours on a train, or need a more readily available read when you’re out and about. The Epub books can be read on tablets, mobile phones and E-readers like the Kindle or Nook. Plus, they are cheaper.

All Epub books are priced at £1.99 except the Jinimaru guide, which is £3.99. All Epub artwork is in full-colour unless you are viewing the book on an ink-based E-reader. The books will be in full-colour on your phone and tablet.
Thanks for waiting! (If your Ebook looks odd, like misaligned images or big gaps between paragraphs, please drop me an e-mail with the model of device you are using, as I am only able to test my Epubs on two types of E-readers right now. Also remember to try adjusting the font size on your E-reader.)


Prints and More!

Good news everyone!

Prints and an assortment of other goodies are starting to appear on our redbubble page; from posters to pillows, phone cases to tablet skins…it’s a slow process, but as I work on more artwork the product range and types will expand. For now there are a few prints up for the Jinimaru Folklore series, and one for the Subject 218 series. You can find the link under the External Links and Media page, or just click here.

More updates soon!

Thomas Edwards

2018 Forecast

Please note that all the below information is subject to change.

September – Jinimaru Folklore Collection 1
All four volumes of the first collection of Jinimaru Folklore, including the Guide, will be available in print.

Mid October – Specimen G-13: Volume 1
The first volume of the story that started it all is scheduled for release, roughly around the 20th anniversary of its conception.

October 26/27/28 – MCM London Comic-Con
I will be attending the convention as a stall owner, selling books and prints, plus basic costume components. I will also have some previews of other books that will not be available until later in the year.

Early November – Subject 218 Volume 3
Currently in early draft, Subject 218 Volume 3, Figure: BREAKING POINT, is scheduled for early November for purchase.

Early December – Jinimaru Folklore EPUBs
All four volumes of Jinimaru Folklore will be available for purchase as prints and EPUB. The Guide will be included.

Late December – Subject 218 EPUBs, and Tutorial Section
All three volumes of the Subject 218 series will be available for purchase as prints and EPUB. By this point I also hope to have enough content edited to provide tutorials for basic costume crafts.

Progress report!

Good evening readers! Time for a progress report!

Well the family and I are in the process of sorting out our house, in preparations for moving in the near future, but this hasn’t stopped me from writing! All four books have been written now, and the first two are available to buy as prints! However, volume 3 and 4 have yet to be proof read, or are missing the internal artwork. They will not be available for purchase by the deadline as originally planned.
As for the guide? That is finished, but I am now going through the process of cutting out certain parts that one of my proof readers felt was not necessary, and would be better off left to the imaginations of you readers! It will not be available for purchase by the deadline date either. *sigh*
HOWEVER, just because I failed to meet my target this month does not mean they will not be ready in time for ComicCon! The books are scheduled to be available by then, plus much more, but right now I have been riddled with delays from the resulting move plans. I will keep you all posted, but right now I do not know when this Big Move will happen.

Thanks, as always, for being patient!