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More Prints added

Time for the weekly entry to the blog! Sorry it’s a bit late (or maybe it’s early?) but I wound up sketching more things than I could keep up finishing, also the scanner is still causing me a tiny bit of grief in regards to the comic, but I will update on that later when […]

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Something new

Well, I am still scanning pages in from the comic and trying to get them edited enough for me to start doing the real work to them, to make the first issue available for print. This process is taking me longer than expected because I still haven’t figured out how to use the negate paper […]

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Another update!

Okay, these two-updates in one day things are not as common as they may look, but one thing that is common is my floppy memory; I completely forgot to share this other piece of artwork I made for the convention table, featuring two QR codes that link to our facebook page and our redbubble store. […]

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More Images!

I have updated a handful of images on the site, namely the old Error Page, and I have a few more lined up for future projects. The error page image now has more than one language on it, since the translator on the site is no good for images. The languages currently on the image […]

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Table location, and more!

Another update in the same day! What are the odds? Slim, that’s what. Anyway, I received our table location and have started setting up the marketing materials, so first here’s our location! Okay, it’s not very precise, but the full-size map isn’t available yet. but you get the general idea. I also want to take […]

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Specimen G-13 Update!

It’s not a big update, but since this book is the bad boy I have been working on for goodness knows how many years, it’s an important part of the Jinimaru series and deserves even the slightest shout out for an update. Basically, I have changed the Volume 1 summary, release date and uploaded the […]