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Progress report!

Good evening readers! Time for a progress report! Well the family and I are in the process of sorting out our house, in preparations for moving in the near future, but this hasn’t stopped me from writing! All four books have been written now, and the first two are available to buy as prints! However, […]

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Progress Report!

Good day to you, readers! It’s time once again for an update. As previously mentioned in the last update the Jinimaru Folklore stories are well underway, and all is progressing smoothly towards the deadline for the 1st of July. The guide is also almost ready, so by the end of July the first whole series […]

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Revisions take soooooo long!

Hello again Readers! Well, Volume 1 of Jinimaru Folklore is available, as are the first two volumes for Subject 218 (Tales of Tim), however I noticed an error in Volume 2 of Subject 218, nothing major but it still irks me a lot, I have already fixed the print version but the EPUB still has […]

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New Server!

Hey again! Well, I migrated the website to a new server, and all is smooth so far. I am going to be completely overhauling the look and feel of the site over the next few months, but for now everything is functioning as intended. You can now purchase physical copies of the Subject 218 books, […]

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Volume 1 of the Tales of Tim series!

Here we go again! I received my first test prints of the books, and whilst I loved how they looked I felt there was some room to improve them. I have already corrected Operation: HUNT DOWN and have officially released it from the depths of my brain-closet for you to enjoy. Or maybe take Tim’s advice […]

Second Life Store Updates

Closure of Second Life services

I regret to inform all Zuperbuu Works followers on Second Life that I will no longer be making complete avatars. On the odd occasion I may provide rigged-mesh parts for users to purchase, or texture mods, but this will become a very rare thing. There are various reasons as to why I am cutting the […]