Aye, another setback!

Time for a quick status update for you all!

Volume 3 and 4 of Jinimaru Folklore are finished, all artwork is ready, but my proof reader has not been able to complete their side of the production, so they will not be available for print or EPUB this month. I will keep prodding them so I can at least get them printed on time for the convention, but it is looking highly unlikely that volume 4 will be done by then.

I am also rescheduling volume 3 of Subject 218 for next year, as I want to work more on Specimen G-13 and another, more personal, book that I have been advised to do.

So thank you so much for your patience, and I will hopefully have a better update next month before the convention!


Another Year, another case of procrastination!

I’m 25 today…yaaaay!
Nothing much to announce yet besides the fact the Fufe sculpture is finally finished, and that I am once again having serious issues focusing on my writing and drawing work…it’s not good, but at least I get something readable done now and then…just not enough to get a whole book published.
Sickness, procrastination, lack of motivation, changes in my time schedule and the addition of a new kitty to the family has all been flooding my writing time or damaging it…let us hope this sea of madness soon subsides!
So thanks for the support and patience, and for sticking by me for another year!

In other news; the Archaeopteryx avatars got updated on Secondlife as have the Pterosaurs, the Fufe is now available as an avatar and the Transformers avatars are back up under my partner Cid Huckleberry’s shop (you can find it by searching for him under ‘merchants’) so there are at least a few other things to update you about!

~Thomas Edwards

Little Extra Preview!

I haven’t done any real work on the website lately, but have been working on the sculptures, paintings, drawings and writing work!
So this month I am giving you a little preview of the sculpture work again, and a snippet from The Jinimaru Chronicles: Alpha (also known as the Jinimaru Guide).

Fufe is nearly done!

That’s the sculpture preview, now it’s time for a snippet from a book!

Spain, South-West America and Mexico: Zu’maru

The Zu’maru (roughly translated to ‘despised cat’) is one of 3 Jinimaru breeds with obscure behaviour and body features; the tail-tip and mane of the Zu’maru is comprised of three colours, and is one of the shiniest furs in any breed, that when light reflects from this fur it appears as if the Zu’maru mane and tail is on fire. Zu’maru also behaves more dog-like and can be heard ‘barking’, though genealogical testing has ruled out any chance of the Zu’maru being in the same boat as Ta’nuhk and can safely be called Felines.
Individuals within this breed are only seen in red, brown or orange, with spots in a slightly different shade to the base fur colour. The mane and tail-tip of all Zu’maru is a blend of gold, orange and red though some individuals may be born with full-brown manes and tails. Zu’maru also exhibit genetic abnormalities more than any other breed, such as albinism (total whiteness of fur and mane, with red eyes) and heterochromia (one eye colour that is different to the other eye).
Whilst many cultures find Jinimaru a nuisance the Zu’maru is seen as one of the most hated breed of the species due to its behaviour around Humans and their settlements. Maru of all types have been known to kill livestock for food should Humans build too close to their territory, however the Zu’maru is known to simply kill domestic animals for sport instead of satisfying its hunger, and are infamously known for attacking Humans on sight.

Fact: N’iota from the Compilation book is a Zu’maru.

~ Thomas Edwards

Not dead!

No, this isn’t a Sherlock episode! I have been busy with a lot of writing, sculpting and SecondLife buildings but completely forgot to make an update to the website. I have since corrected this. (By the way, I really do like Sherlock. A lot.)

Here’s the latest piece I’ve been working on in the real-world of sculpting! It’s that little pink Dragon you might see in the Website banner now and then (I call him a Fufe). The sculpting of this dragon is for future references when I begin Apocalypse Blue’s major writing process, since this Dragon type is very important to the story.

fufe sculpture

I’ll post new images of the sculpture as it gets finished! Sorry about the wait, I had to update the whole website after a server change.

~Thomas Edwards

Temporary Setback

We were down for a short period due to technical difficulties, but everything (hopefully) should be in working order again.

Concept art for the Jinimaru Chronicles is in progress. 5 out of 12 from Omega are finished. 1 out of 6 from Beta are finished. None of Alpha are finished yet.
Other concept art all have 1 or 2 images finished per story.

For more details on the work in progress for the site and fan-related, please visit zuperbuu.deviantart.com