RAWR! He’s got his first book!

Donisaur finally has it’s first book completed. It is now available in print, and the next 4 books are drafted out. They won’t be started until the first issue of Subject 218 comic is finished. You can grab a copy of the printed book here: http://www.lulu.com/shop/thomas-edwards/rawr-its-donisaur-t-rex/paperback/product-24097094.html I am ordering myself a copy to give to […]


Last post before Japan! 🇯🇵

Good morning readers, today is going to be my last post for this year as I will be hopping on a plane to Japan on Wednesday for nearly 3 months. I wanted to share some updates with you, and inform you all of some upcoming changes and events taking place next year. First off, my […]


Just a quick update

Hey all, just posting a little update before I head off to Japan in 2 weeks. Basically, my subscriber feature was being exploited by hackers who tried to plant malicious content on the site (which has now been solved). I advise you to unsubscribe by clicking on the “unsubscribe” link found in the email you […]


Aye, another setback!

Time for a quick status update for you all! Volume 3 and 4 of Jinimaru Folklore are finished, all artwork is ready, but my proof reader has not been able to complete their side of the production, so they will not be available for print or EPUB this month. I will keep prodding them so […]

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Another Year, another case of procrastination!

I’m 25 today…yaaaay! Nothing much to announce yet besides the fact the Fufe sculpture is finally finished, and that I am once again having serious issues focusing on my writing and drawing work…it’s not good, but at least I get something readable done now and then…just not enough to get a whole book published. Sickness, […]

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Little Extra Preview!

I haven’t done any real work on the website lately, but have been working on the sculptures, paintings, drawings and writing work! So this month I am giving you a little preview of the sculpture work again, and a snippet from The Jinimaru Chronicles: Alpha (also known as the Jinimaru Guide). That’s the sculpture preview, […]

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Not dead!

No, this isn’t a Sherlock episode! I have been busy with a lot of writing, sculpting and SecondLife buildings but completely forgot to make an update to the website. I have since corrected this. (By the way, I really do like Sherlock. A lot.) Here’s the latest piece I’ve been working on in the real-world […]


Temporary Setback

We were down for a short period due to technical difficulties, but everything (hopefully) should be in working order again. Concept art for the Jinimaru Chronicles is in progress. 5 out of 12 from Omega are finished. 1 out of 6 from Beta are finished. None of Alpha are finished yet. Other concept art all […]