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Coming Soon to Second Life…

Red XIII (also called Nanaki) is a character from Final Fantasy VII, who was requested repeatedly by the Second Life “Final Fantasy Roleplay Community” to be made as an avatar.
Many avatar creators began their renditions of the character, and all have pulled back from finishing them. However, Zuperbuu Works rendition of Red XIII is finished, and all that is left is to finish the bonus avatar we’re throwing in for free alongside it.

That’s right; Red XIII Jinimaru.
Both avatars have a unique shape, head and hair style that represent the character in their own way. The Jinimaru, for example, has it’s usual humanoid face and is far shorter than the regular Red XIII avatar. It also has more hair on its head than the regular Red XIII.
“They look fully finished to me” is what I imagine you’re thinking…well, these ones are finished. But I have three more skins to make!
What you see here is the default Red XIII skin. I have yet to finish the Advent Children skin, the Cosplay brown skin and the Sandy Blonde skin. Other skins/colours will be available by request only, and will be made public once they are finished.

So stay tuned for more avatar updates and site news! 🙂

Thomas is the founder and primary creator of Zuperbuu Works. He writes all the stories, draws the relevant artwork for them, then deals with the colours and edits himself.

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