Jinimaru Folklore

A series of mini-stories based on Jinimaru from various time periods and countries; each story is part of official Jinimaru folklore that are even referenced in Specimen G-13 or other major stories, though whether or not the beings mentioned in the folklore stories were real or not is down to reader speculation.


Volume 1 - Origins (2018) - Available in Print and EPUB
Set in space, the great alien ancestors of the Jinimaru are on the verge of extinction. Can one alien geneticist, and one Feles refugee, save them?

Volume 2 - Koru and Koura (2018) - Available in Print and EPUB
A forest is being destroyed for urban settlements on a small island in China, stirring an ancient Jinimaru deity into vengeance, whilst it is up to a young cub to stop him. Can Koru save the islanders from Koura's poisonous hatred?

Volume 3 - N'iota, The Creature of Ambition (2019)
N'IOTA is a slave-turned-pirate Jinimaru, who seeks to create a better life for his people; to free them from slavers, and bring justice against a corrupt Naval Officer that robbed him of his voice. His ambition to save his people and spread his message, that a Jinimaru can do anything if he or she puts their mind to it, drives N’iota to desperate measures to see his vision become a reality. Can N’iota end the enslavement of Jinimaru, or will he simply make things worse?

Volume 4 - James, The Mad Cat (2019)
JAMES is a thief of the old American West who enjoys nothing more than harassing and tormenting the local law and citizens of Coyote Creek. He has a habit of stealing items for others without wanting any pay, for the grief he causes former Marshall Jensen is rewarding enough to this crazed feline. These strange mannerisms, along with his lack of respect for personal safety, earned him the title of "Mad Cat". Will Jensen ever bring him to justice?