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Weekly Update #3

Just a short-ish post this week, as not much has happened since the last blog post (actually, a lot has happened, but not related to major projects).I started practising with other streaming services, such as YouTube and DLive. I still prefer Twitch so don’t expect me to migrate anywhere else too soon. I watched the […]

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Weekly Update #2

I know; this ain’t Wednesday! But I wanted to make a post right away since I finally got my scanner to do what I wanted it to! But before I start getting over-excited about it, I want to explain to new readers what the problem actually was that I was having, and why it was […]

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Stream is all set up!

This is a quick update, and yes, it’s two in one day! Well I got the stream all set up and ran a test today to see how it coped, and everything seemed to run perfectly fine. I just muttered a lot while I worked, but I hope to be less of a mumbler the […]

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More Prints added

Time for the weekly entry to the blog! Sorry it’s a bit late (or maybe it’s early?) but I wound up sketching more things than I could keep up finishing, also the scanner is still causing me a tiny bit of grief in regards to the comic, but I will update on that later when […]

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Something new

Well, I am still scanning pages in from the comic and trying to get them edited enough for me to start doing the real work to them, to make the first issue available for print. This process is taking me longer than expected because I still haven’t figured out how to use the negate paper […]

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Changes rolling out!

This is just a quick update for you regarding the changes going on for the site. All the pages have been condensed, rearranged, or labelled different to how they were 3 months ago. I have not yet enabled the “Comics” section of the Subject 218 Projects yet, as it literally has no content but a […]