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"A life without dreams or ambitions is no life at all; it is simply survival." - Clarence, Jinimaru Chronicles


The Origins of Zuperbuu Works

Zuperbuu Works, also known as ZuW, was first founded on the 20th of March 2004 when it’s founder, Thomas, started up a DeviantArt account under the alias “Zuperbuu” and began submitting both fan art and fan fiction to the website. His creative writing, however, first started up in late 1999 on various fan fiction websites, including a collaborative website with his sister at www.dbz-pokemon.com with Thomas owning a section of the site for his own work called “Fusions United”. By 2006; Thomas began submitting original works to DeviantArt in small, but frequent, quantities. Fan-art mainly dominated these pages.
As his confidence grew, so did his skills in the arts. Evidence of this became apparent on the newer website he and his sister migrated to; www.fanimation.com, however he did not have a separate section of this site to host his own work. Because of this, much of his work was drawn on paper and never scanned in or photographed, thus became lost in frequent moves around the UK. Some pieces have been salvaged, restored, or remastered.
In 2009/2010 Thomas attended the University of Hertfordshire and studied Special Effects and graduated in 2012 with a diploma. The course provided him with the skills needed to create costumes, props and models. By this point, Thomas assisted his sister in starting a new website; www.spacesnail.co.uk. He does not manage this site for her, and only assisted with its setup. Thomas now has the ability to create 3-Dimensional physical representations of his creations, in both costume form and miniature model and moved into running a website of his own. In 2014, he closed his DeviantArt and FanFiction.net accounts after 10 years of relying on the sites for uploading his content, and migrated to Tumblr for his fan-artwork uploading needs. Thomas rarely uploads fan-art as of 2017, and has chosen to focus instead on his original works almost entirely. Unfortunately after frequent moves, both online and around England, many of his original work and fan-art from 1999 to 2009 has become lost or damaged. Efforts are being made to try and restore the damaged artworks, however all digital files that were lost on Deviantart may never be recovered.
Today Zuperbuu Works is focused on writing imaginative stories, and bringing them to life in colourful illustrations, miniature models and costumes.

What ZuW Does

Since 2004, Zuperbuu Works has brought amusing fan artwork and fan fictions to audiences worldwide, with uncountable numbers of supporters and fans.
Originally, Zuperbuu Works was called 'Fusions United' and hosted fan-fictions that were not available anywhere else; there, his followers on other art sites could read new fan-fictions that followed styles of writing that were often referred to as 'unartistic' by the normal art community, which prevented him from uploading them there instead.
His stories were captivating and engaging, but none of this mattered to the art community since he did not write in the common literature style we are all familiar with; it was because of this deviation from the norm of writing that he decided to only post up his fan-fictions on his own personal site.Today, however, his personal site is home to his original works; with many artistic communities being more open to his alternative fan-fiction styles now, allowing him to keep his personal site relatively free of fan-art and fan-fiction.
Zuperbuu Works aims to amuse and entertain audiences of various ages and tastes; from colourful cartoon characters to dark and thoughtful literature, there is something for everyone who loves to delve into the world of fantasy and adventure.

The Future of ZuW

At present; Zuperbuu Works offers literature, or prints of original artwork, to purchase.
We also provide commissions for artwork of your own characters and concepts; for more information on commissioning artwork from us, please look for our contact information under 'External Links & Media'.

*Please note that we no longer use, endorse or support deviantart in any way, and that all our commission work is to be done through our e-mail or furaffinity page.

In the future we hope to offer commissions to the public for costumes and props. We also desire to make short cartoons, comics and even mobile apps later down the line. Stay tuned for future updates by bookmarking the site, or subscribing to the blog at the bottom of the page.

The Mascot; Zuperbuu! 

Zuperbuu is a chimera creature, able to take any form she wishes, though often appears in the form of a raccoon-cat hybrid.
She appears in many of the sites series as cameo-characters, usually when you don't expected her to. The only ways to tell Zuperbuu is in a story is to see a physical picture of all the characters, as she always wears the same clothing, or to read carefully over a characters job or role in a story, as she constantly occupies the role of an artist.

Zuperbuu is the embodiment of creativity, mischief and unpredictability. She's the little demon that sits on the sites Founder, Thomas', shoulder; constantly screaming ideas into his head, or giving him the evil-eye, to have her visions made into reality.
She was also the childhood imaginary friend of Thomas when he was very young, though she did not earn her modern name until 2002 when she ceased to "exist" outside of his artwork. Before she was given this new name she was only referred to as "super cat".

It is not yet known if Zuperbuu, our mascot, will ever have a novel of her own. However, as previously mentioned, she appears in every single book as a cameo. See if you can spot her in some of the books!

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