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Undergoing a Redesign

This is a small update to just inform all my viewers that the website is going to look a bit different over the next few days, while I start making it more widely accessible over a variety of devices. My old layout had no support for viewing on different screen sizes, or on mobile phones, but I am aiming to correct this with the redesign.
New artwork will be made for the website loading screen and header images. For the time being I have placed an edited version of the old one, just while I work on the new artwork.

In other news: Donisaur volume 1 is about 85% finished! I am still looking into places that can print this book for me as LuLu does not seem to support picture books like this, but I am still prodding them for more information on how they can provide the prints of this book for me.
Subject 218 comic is making progress, slowly but surely, but this was because I put Donisaur to the front of the queue. I will be hosting a live-stream on Tuesday morning for a few hours while I work on some more pages for the comic, and on Wednesday I will be doing some odds-and-ends too like artwork for the playing cards, plus a “ask me to draw anything” section to the stream. This is your chance to get some free artwork from me, and who knows when I’ll decide to do this again!
Oh and this arrived:

This is my own personal mug from the Redbubble store. Aside from the text on the other side looking darker than the original image, it looks good. More stuff is due to arrive soon so I will be uploading more pictures within the next week or two of some redbubble merchandise.

Okay this was supposed to be a short post but it has dragged on now. I’m going to wrap this up! Thanks for being patient with the website and projects!


Thomas is the founder and primary creator of Zuperbuu Works. He writes all the stories, draws the relevant artwork for them, then deals with the colours and edits himself.

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