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Weekly Update #15

This is a short one, as I have a lot of work still half-way finished or just shy of being finished. I don’t have anything to show yet but can provide some information at least!

✅ My Gakidou has it’s first draft finished and is now awaiting proof-reading.
⬜ Specimen G-13 is still 60% finished in first-draft. Writing has now recommenced.
🔵 Subject 218 books are still waiting for the new proof-reader.
⬜ Subject 218 Comic #2 is now being inked. #3 is 10% sketched and is in queue.
🔵 Jinimaru Folklore Volume 3 + 4 are still in a queue to be proof-read.
🔴 The Jinimaru Guides still need artwork. Artwork is on hold until Subject 218 Issue #2 is done.
🔴 RAWR! it’s Donisaur #2 is on hold until both Specimen G-13 AND Subject 218 Issue #2 and #3 are finished.

I have received a price quotation for My Gakidou print costs. It will be sold at Comic-Con and on my website for £5.99 and at £7.99 elsewhere. I am doing a bundle offer with the badges for £6.99 at Comic-Con and on my site. The bundle will not be available anywhere else as nowhere else stocks the badges. The book will be available for £1.99 as an E-Book on Amazon, and will be free on Kindle Unlimited. A price cannot yet be given for Specimen G-13 as it is not finished, however it will also be £1.99 as an E-Book and will be free on Kindle Unlimited as well.

Subject 218 Issue #1 got accepted at Comixology! That’s all I have on that for now, I hope to see where things go from there and look forward to getting Issue #2 done, I just need to reduce the workload right now by getting these other projects finished.

More information will be available by next Wednesday, or at least I hope so! For now that’s it, thanks for stopping by and see you again next week!


Thomas is the founder and primary creator of Zuperbuu Works. He writes all the stories, draws the relevant artwork for them, then deals with the colours and edits himself.

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