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Weekly Update #16

SUPER short entry this week! Just a status update on things as I am still hard at work doing some writing and other odd-jobs.

✅ My Gakidou has it’s first draft finished. It is now being proof-read/edited.
⬜ Specimen G-13 is being written, 70% finished in first-draft.
🔵 Subject 218 books are still waiting for the new proof-reader.
⬜ Subject 218 Comic #2 is still being inked. (this takes a while) #3 is 10% sketched and is in queue.
🔵 Jinimaru Folklore Volume 3 + 4 are still in a queue to be proof-read.
🔴 The Jinimaru Guides still need artwork. Artwork is on hold until Subject 218 Issue #2 is done.
🔴 RAWR! it’s Donisaur #2 is on hold until both Specimen G-13 AND Subject 218 Issue #2 and #3 are finished.

I am taking a short break uploading new content to the Redbubble store and the DeviantArt page, as all the content I am currently working on is either exclusively written or contains “spoilers” for one or more projects.
G-Fuel Review article has been updated with 4 new flavours. I will be reviewing 4 more when Gamma Labs (its creator) restock their website.

I haven’t been able to stream for a few weeks/months as we have been having building work done and it is a tad bit disruptive, that and my WiFi is not all that reliable, but I will be doing streaming again once either the building settles down or the WiFi improves. Speaking of the building work, in less than a months time I will be unable to work on my computer-based projects such as colouring and writing for a few days/weeks as I am being relocated while my room is being sorted out by building work. During this period I will instead try drawing out everything for Issue #3 for Subject 218 and do some more artwork for the Jinimaru Guidebooks, which can then be scanned in once I have the facilities to do so again.

That’s all for this week, see you all again next Wednesday!


Thomas is the founder and primary creator of Zuperbuu Works. He writes all the stories, draws the relevant artwork for them, then deals with the colours and edits himself.

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