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Weekly Update #17

Good morning folks! This weeks update is a little longer, but I don’t have much in the way to show (no book prints or artwork yet).

I have been grafting through Specimen G-13 while My Gakidou is being proof-read, and I have been experimenting with some new marker pens I bought! I love me some Copic Markers, they’re the best there is when it comes to colouring projects in pen, or at least that was the case until now: these new pens are just as good as Copic Markers but cost a fraction of the price. I bought the pack of 80 for £30, but there is a 168 colour set for £80 which I will be grabbing in the future. I like Copic markers, but the price is just too steep for me to buy more than a couple of pens at a time. This is one of the biggest reasons why my comics have been coloured on the computer and not with pens; I can’t afford all the colours I need!

Excuse the image quality, my lighting is bad.
Coloured in a throwback image I did earlier this year.

To those who are interested in trying these pens out for themselves, you can grab them here. I have done a few more pictures with the pens but I have mainly been doing fan-art with them just to learn what colours blend best with one another before I risk using them on my original work.
OK, so that aside I would normally place a list of my progress with my other projects, but really nothing has changed besides Specimen G-13 is fluctuating between 70% and 80% finished. I am having some difficulty writing out a large scene at the moment, and recently No Man’s Sky got updated again and I am itching to try it out. I will be taking a break from writing for a short while after this week, not only to enjoy my game but also to spend some time with my sister who is returning home after 2 years away in Japan.

I have sent my application for a table at London Comic Con, where I hope to show off the first printed samples of the Subject 218 comic alongside the usual stock of books I had last time, though I also hope to get some stock for RAWR! It’s Donisaur! too, but until I get confirmation from Comic Village I won’t be ordering any stock yet. Still, even if I don’t get a table this year, I will still be going to the event with my family.

G-Fuel Review Part 1 is uploaded, but does not feature any real conclusions as the month of July I ran the experiment on was compromised by repeated illness. After this month I will be doing the experiment again in September and will hopefully be able to log some results for Part 2. I have also ordered 4 new flavours of G-Fuel to try out which will be added to the article after they have arrived and been sampled.

Whilst I don’t have the space to do any costume crafts or sculptures right now (we are still having building work done) I have been playing around in Blender doing some 3D model work. I have mainly been working on mods for The Sims 4 to put my own book characters into the game, which has been a slow process as I have been doing it alongside everything else. As usual I am doing too much at once! Right now I have a rough set of parts done for a Gakidou/Specimen G-13 sim, the parts he uses can also be used on other characters too including your own. Right now I am just getting the rigging sorted for his chest mane and tail, before polishing textures and packaging everything together. I don’t know when he will be uploaded as I am doing it as a side project.

That’s all I have for now. I will not be posting next Wednesday as I am going to be taking a break for a week or two, so nothing much will have happened in that time, though I could end up drawing a lot so who knows!


Thomas is the founder and primary creator of Zuperbuu Works. He writes all the stories, draws the relevant artwork for them, then deals with the colours and edits himself.

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