Subject 218 – Comic

The comic of Subject 218 is an on-going project, that will be running at all times alongside other projects until either it or the other projects are completed.

Originally the medium of choice for the story, the Comic was started as far back as 2006 but Thomas (its creator) constantly delayed releasing the comic due to a combination of perfectionism and changing directions in storytelling. In 2015 he decided to make a foundation for the story in the form of a novel, preventing him from making drastic changes without having to call them “multiverses” from the original. Several drafts were written that, while the main plot remained the same, had vastly different scenarios take place in certain key points to the tale, creating alternate endings (with some having borderline crazy ones!) Thomas still likes the alternate endings to Subject 218 and plans to make 3 of them in his comic after the main, original, plot is finished. These multiverse comics will follow on from the main branch of comics at certain points, based entirely on one or more decisions the characters make that differ from the core plot.
One example is that in the core plot, Tim decides to escape the facility he is captured in which sets in motion the remaining story, however in one multiverse tale, Tim decides to wait it out and this yields consequences of its own.

The Multiverses are categorised already to allow Thomas to plan his Issues and Volumes accordingly. These categories are code-named Core, Cat, Wolf and Foxhound. When a multiverse connects to an issue, it will be labelled as a branch. Example:
Multiverse: Core, no branch – This means the issue is part of the Core Plot and does not have the chance of branching out.
Multiverse: Core, Foxhound branch – Whilst part of the Core Plot, this issue ends on a cliffhanger, and connects to both the Core and the Foxhound branch.
Multiverse: Foxhound – This issue is no longer part of the Core Plot and is bound to the Foxhound Plot.

Certain decisions Tim makes result in new stories with different endings.

As Thomas wants fans to follow along his journey creating the comic adaptation, he has decided to release it in the form of issues first in Flat Colours, then bulking together each issue into a single volume which will be in fully shaded colour. To make the process more affordable to fans, each volume will contain approximately 5 chapters-worth of content from the original novels. It is estimated Hunt Down will be 3 Volumes and Bloodhound will be 2.

Note that EPUBS will be available for both Volumes and Issues, and will be made available for free to those who buy the printed copy on Amazon. When a Volume is released its corresponding Issues will retire, excluding Issue #1 of the Comic which will always be available.


Volume 1
Covering everything from Chapter 1 to 5 from the novels.
Max is an investigative journalist who is looking back at the events from the journals Tim and James left behind in “Operation: HUNT DOWN” and “Code-name: BLOODHOUND”. 26 years in the future, many individuals from these stories are now facing trial for crimes the general public do not fully understand. Max makes it his mission to reveal the true events that took place, by exposing not only the lies the government told about them, but also lies thrown out by Tim and James to bury more secrets. Just what did they write as the truth, and what were the lies meant to hide?

ISSUE #1 (June, 2019)
Print: -coming soon-
EPUB: £2.75 (FREE on Kindle Unlimited!)
Pages: 32 approx
Coverage: Parts of Chapter 1, and all of Chapter 2, from the Novel “Hunt Down”.
Multiverse: Core, no branch
Tim, James and Kyle have an argument over certain decisions Tim has made over the past few weeks involving a girl named Freija, all while trapped in a car driven by a not-so-sober Toby, bound for a school field-trip at the local dam. Tim has a temper burst, and abandons the car to walk back home on his own rather than deal with the arguing any longer…


Volume 1

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