Mods for other Games

I like to play games a lot, and I also love putting my own characters into games! Below you can find some mods relating to my work, for games like The Sims, Universe Sandbox, and more.

Universe Sandbox

The Jinimaru Origins Star Systems
The home star systems of the Feles, Ulnae and Axion have been completely reconstructed in Universe Sandbox 2! See all the worlds mentioned in Jinimaru Folklore Volume 1, crash other worlds into them, or see what happens to the nearby systems when one of the two stars goes Super Nova. Whilst the worlds themselves are not 100% accurate, due to the Games limitations, the orbits and locations of the worlds is exactly as I envisioned in the stories.

Cities: Skylines

Edris World Map
Whilst lacking the biome diversity due to the limitations of the game, the world map of Edris the Jinimaru and Feles inhabit is still ready and waiting for you to build your own cities, or have a go at building the ones found in the books! An inbound and outbound road connection has already been built so you can start getting people settled in your city starting tile, with plenty of water networks at your disposal.

Plague Inc.

The Feline Mutagen
Inspired by “Subject 218” and “Specimen G-13”, this scenario depicts a “what if” alternate universe using pieces of both novels for its foundation. What if Tim successfully escaped the labs, but the formula he had been given was more unstable and even contagious? You can win the scenario by either infecting the entire world with the pathogen and successfully mutating all Humans into Jinimaru, or by having the genetic alterations the pathogen makes to the Human host be rejected, resulting in organ failure and death to those infected.

The Sims 4

The Hates Children Overhaul (WIP)
This mod is no longer updated.
The Hates Children Overhaul does as its name says; it bulks up the neglected Sims 4 Trait of the same name, making it more functional and serve a real purpose. Sims with this fixed Trait will now have special angry moodlets when around their own children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews regardless of how old they actually are. Due to my limited time and skills in programming, this mod is not being worked on further at this time. Patch compatibility will still be updated.

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