I and many other Gamers have often seen this brand sponsoring eSport events and big-name YouTubers, and while our beloved YouTube Game Gods have often shown their passion for this brand we have yet to actually see reactions to what this product tastes like, or if it even works.

I have come into possession of several tubs of G-Fuel and will be sampling a different flavour every day for a week, making notes of how it tastes and if it actually improves my performance (both as a Gamer and as an Artist), or if it produces any unexpected side-effects.

It is recommended you only have one serving a day, though you can have up to two after using it for a while, so I will only be sampling one flavour a day for this reason. Each serving equates to one scoop of G-Fuel added to 12oz of water and shaken until dissolved.
As I have a weak to non-existent sense of smell I was unable to detect how the drinks smelt, however, my sense of taste is very sensitive (as odd as that may sound). For future reference, I will not be describing the smell of the drinks as I cannot smell them.

NOTE: Since the completion of the 7-day taster, I ordered more flavours to try.

So without further delay, I will begin with the reviews.

DAY 1 – Cotton Candy

There are a few flavours I was very interested in trying out, and at the top of the list was Cotton Candy, so as expected it was the first one on my list for the weekly taster. The powder was white to my surprise. When added to water, it turned the water pink. I took my first sip and let the drink linger in my mouth to get the complete taste, and it certainly did taste like Cotton Candy…for about 15 seconds. After the punch of flavour, it became very stale with a lingering chemical aftertaste and left my mouth feeling very dry. Granted I left the drink in my mouth longer than a typical eSports consumer, who would likely just swig it while they were in the heat of gaming. I then decided to drink it like the gamers I often saw promoting the drink, which was in quick bursts without letting it linger in the mouth, and while the aftertaste still kicked in it did not linger around as long as when I drank slower. Once the beverage was completely gone I then had a very dry mouth, drank 2 litres of water, and was still sat an hour later with a fairly dry mouth.

Will I return to this flavour? Probably, just to use the tub up and not waste it. I won’t be buying this flavour again though. During the heat of July (2019) I started using ice in my G-fuel, and while it improved the refreshment level for Cotton Candy it did not make it taste any better…if anything, the extra coolness made it taste odder.

This flavour can be found here.

DAY 2 – Fazeberry

This flavour of GFuel has a very distinct taste of Berry! Even better is that the taste of fruit remains a bit after consumption and did not have the chemical aftertaste. However, it still made my mouth a bit dry.
The drink was a white powder that turned the water a cherry red when mixed. The Berry flavour was a distinct combination of pomegranate, strawberry and what I believe is blackberry. Pomegranate was the dominant flavour. This was made as a Special Edition, yet it is labelled on the G-Fuel Website as “Limited Edition”.

Will I use this flavour again? Absolutely. I would buy it again in the future, if it wasn’t a “Limited” thing that is…as for enhancing the flavour, during the heat of July (2019) I started using ice in my G-fuel, and it really improved the refreshment level.This flavour can be found in the UK here.
Or directly from the USA here.

DAY 3 – Fruit Punch

This flavour, as is appearing to be the norm of the drinks, started out as a white powder until mixed with water. It turned the water a reddish colour much like the Fazeberry did.
The drink had a very similar flavour to the Fazeberry one, but with a more sour taste, but when chugged (not sipped) it indeed did taste like a fruit punch! Raspberry and Blackberry were the most dominant fruits in the taste. There was no chemical aftertaste, but again my mouth was a bit dry, but not as dry as before. This flavour will remain one that I will come back to for future use.
I was hit by a bit of a cold and my energy levels were terrible, but the GFuel did pick them up a bit. During the heat of July (2019) I started using ice in my G-fuel, and it really made the drink far more refreshing and reduced the dryness of my mouth after drinking.

This flavour can be found here.

DAY 4 – Pink lemonade

Okay, so now the pattern for G-Fuel suddenly shifts. Pink lemonade is a pink powder, not a white one, that when added to water, changes the water to the same colour as the powder. This was a surprise.
To those who have never tasted Pink Lemonade before as a drink on its own; it is made using Grapefruit and is just as sour as regular Lemonade, but has a very distinct difference in flavour, as Grapefruit has a different effect on the tongue compared to Lemons that allows us to better taste the flavour of the fruit.
Does the G-Fuel match up? It does in a way; it tastes just like flat Pink Lemonade, it probably even smells like it too since I could taste the vapours before the liquid even entered my mouth. As with the past 3 flavours, my mouth was left a little dry after drinking it. Will I be coming back to Pink Lemonade? Absolutely. In fact, since it became so hot during the end of July (2019) I started putting ice in my G-Fuel, and this flavour tastes even better with it! But guess what? I used carbonated water in it too and it makes it just like pink lemonade.
This flavour can be found here.

DAY 5 – Peach Mango

Once again I opened the tub of G-Fuel expecting it to be white, and found this flavour to have a slight orange tint to it. When mixed with the water it turned it a pale orange, almost mango in colour.
On first sip, I got the distinct taste of peach but no real flavour of mango, it did, however, have the lingering flavour of mango once the peach taste faded. Each sip was consistent in flavour. Unlike the last few flavours, this one did not leave me with a dry mouth, and is actually very refreshing. I imagine it tastes even better with ice.

Will I return to this flavour? Most certainly! While it isn’t my top choice in terms of taste, it is my favourite in how refreshing it is. Since it got so hot towards the end of July (2019) I started putting ice in my G-fuel, and it made Peach Mango super refreshing! I wanted more than one portion, it tasted that great!

This flavour can be found here.

DAY 6 – Twisted Kandy

Another flavour I was very interested in trying out (can you see the pattern yet?) but decided to try towards the end of the G-Fuel tasting week. Upon opening the tub I was greeted by the familiar white powder once again. When added to the shaker of water it turned the water a light green.
The taste of Twisted Kandy is unusual; it is slightly fruity with a hint of the sugary-syrup type of flavour atypical to a stick of rock-candy, you know, like what us Brits can find at places like Skegness or Blackpool! It had a very grainy consistency to it, which at first I thought was down to me not shaking it enough, but even adding more water and shaking it for a solid 5 minutes didn’t make this go away. After drinking Twisted Kandy my mouth was only slightly dry.

Would I return to Twisted Kandy? Yes, to finish the tub. Would I buy it again? Probably, just for something different. Is it better than Cotton Candy? Absolutely. During a heatwave in July (2019) I started using ice in my G-fuel, and it really improved the refreshment level of Twisted Kandy, and in my opinion, made it taste even better.

This flavour can be found here.

DAY 7 – Ragin’ Gummy Fish

The G-fuel powder once again was not white! Upon opening the tub I was surprised to find it a pinkish red, slightly darker than the Pink Lemonade flavour. When mixed in with water it turned it a light red.
This was yet another flavour I was curious to try out, not just because it is a type of candy, but because I genuinely was curious to know what even is a “Ragin’ Gummy Fish” flavour supposed to be? I did some thinking the day before trying the G-Fuel, and believed that, maybe, it was meant to be like a strawberry jelly with that white spongy jelly underneath it. You’ll know what I mean if you’ve ever eaten the love hearts found in Haribo Starmix. Anyway, when I took my first sip it really did taste just like those Haribo hearts! It was fruity, but more the type of fruitiness you get from a jelly rather than a juice (like the Fazeberry flavour). This G-fuel had no chemical aftertaste and was oddly very pleasant considering it’s a strange concept, it did not leave my mouth feeling very dry at all.

Would I recommend this flavour? Yes, for the sweet enthusiast like myself. I would certainly buy this flavour again in the future. During a heatwave in July (2019) I started using ice in my G-fuel, and it really improved the refreshment level of all the drinks, though the flavour only slightly improved for Ragin’ Gummy Fish (it was already good).

This flavour can be found here.


So that covered the original 7 flavours I was going to try, but as previously mentioned I am more than happy to sample even more flavours for review. Remember to drop your suggestions to zuperbuuworks@gmail.com for consideration if they haven’t been reviewed already!
All my Bonus flavours (excluding my spares from the box) come inside a premium packed box, containing 5 sachets of each flavour I ordered.

Note: Unlike the big 7 listed above, I will only be using individual sachets for the Bonus Rounds.

BONUS – Sour Cherry

Starting off with the Bonus Rounds is Sour Cherry. This flavour came with my box of other tubs, but I wasn’t keen to try it as I am not a real fan of sour flavours, hence why it has been left till now. The powder inside was a dark red and when mixed with water turned the water a VERY dark red, almost blood in colour.

I had this drink with ice as it was very hot still from that heatwave in July (2019), and as is the case adding ice and making the drink cold just amplifies any flavours. I highly recommend trying G-Fuel cold, either as-is with ice, or mixed together with crushed ice to make a slushie. Sour Cherry definitely tastes of cherry! And thanks to my own tastebuds, it was not all that sour at all, and only had a slight after-zing. I did not have a dry mouth after drinking Sour Cherry.

Would I recommend this one? yes, I would. However I do believe a lot of the fruity “red” flavours of G-Fuel all have similar tastes and only very subtle differences between them, so would I suggest getting more than one of these “red fruits” on offer? Not right now I wouldn’t, and as I already have 3 large tubs of these types of G-Fuel I won’t need to buy them again anytime soon…but would I buy Sour Cherry again? Sure thing, but I won’t be rushing to it.

This flavour can be found here.

BONUS – Sour Blue Chug Rug

Upon opening this flavour of gfuel I was met with a very bright sky-blue powder, that when added to water turned it a vibrant blue. Much brighter than what I thought it would be judging by the darker blue packaging.

On my first sip, I tasted blueberry, with an obvious sour after-punch which felt absent from the sour cherry one. After a few sips, the flavour didn’t taste any different, which left me a bit confused by the packaging which clearly shows blackcurrants and not blueberry. Really refreshing, but oddly is not a huge difference from the “red fruits” on offer though.

Would I recommend this one? Yes and no. Yes, it is refreshing and is a different colour, but really the flavours aren’t that uniquely different from the others on offer. Really it is only a recommendation to those who like sour tastes, as it is sourer than sour cherry. Either way, I will not be grabbing Sour Chug Rug again as I don’t really like sour flavours and this one does not even have that much of a unique taste.

This flavour can be found here.

BONUS – Watermelon

Unlike the other “red fruit” flavours, watermelon is just as it says on the packet and does not contain any additional flavours.

Upon opening the container I was met with a peach coloured powder that, when mixed with the water, turned it a vibrant watermelon red. It was very much like the raging gummy fish flavour in colour for both the powder and the water. Oddly enough the drink did not taste exactly like watermelon either and tasted very similar to the raging gummy fish as well. Maybe the powders got mixed up again? Not likely, as I got a sachet with my new shaker and it was exactly the same as the tub. It was refreshing at least and didn’t taste terrible, it just didn’t taste any different.

Would I choose this flavour again? Red Fruit syndrome strikes again, so no I will not be recommending watermelon. It is 100% identical to the Raging Gummy Fish flavour so you could pick up either of them and get the exact same flavour.  I won’t be using watermelon again unless Raging Gummy Fish is out of stock.

This flavour can be found here.

BONUS – Rainbow Sherbet

As expected on my Bonus Round flavours I opted to try something a bit unusual, much like the Cotton Candy and other sweet treats. However, I was very curious about this flavour, as all the promotional artwork for it depicts ice cream in an assortment of colours (hence having in the title “rainbow”). Sherbet by my own experience has never been an ice cream, but instead was found in those fountain tubes or the typical double-dippers, at least that is the case here in the UK. So I wondered, would this taste of sherbet or would it taste of ice cream?
Upon opening the packet I found this G-Fuel powder to be a bright sherbet-yellow that, when added to water and shaken, turned the water a reddish-orange. As it was still hot I tasted this flavour with ice, which boosts the refreshment of pretty much every flavour including this one.
Rainbow Sherbet is a really unusual flavour; it has a subtle strawberry-like taste with a zing of lemon, and certainly has a strange “ice cream” aftertaste to it, though it’s not bad like Cotton Candy is and is actually complimented by the use of ice in the drink. Would I say it tastes of sherbet? It does a little, but it’s a very weak version of the strawberry one with just a hint of lemon, it certainly isn’t strong in the full 16 oz but may be stronger in 12 oz. My mouth was not left feeling dry after drinking it, even holding it in my mouth like the Cotton Candy flavour didn’t leave it feeling so dry.

Would I recommend this flavour? Unlike Cotton Candy, this is a truly pleasant yet still unusual experience, so if that’s something you like then yes. Will I buy it again? I’m not sure, it’s better than Cotton Candy but it doesn’t exactly taste how I expected either, so this may be something I come back to in the future to replace that G-Fuels tub when it is empty.

This flavour can be found here.

BONUS – Cherry Limeade

Next on the agenda is another “red fruit” GFuel, featuring cherries again but this time with a twist! A twist of LIME. At first I was sceptical that this would be any different to Sour Cherry.
Opening the sachet I was greeted by a similar, if not much paler, cherry-red powder that the Sour Cherry flavour had. Upon mixing the powder with my iced water it turned the liquid a dark red. The first flavour to hit my palette was the lime; while not sour it is very noticeably the same taste you get with lime.

After the initial punch of lime, it fades into a softer flavour of cherry. If anything this is how I expected Sour Cherry to taste, and Sour Cherry wound up tasting how I expected this one to. I wonder if the powders got mixed up?  Or, maybe, my previous thoughts with the “red fruit” GFuel is right; they are all too similar to one another. Cherry Limeade did not leave my mouth dry. Would I recommend this flavour? Look, I have now reached the conclusion with these “red fruit” flavours that you only need two of them to get a general feel for the flavours on offer. If you have to get more than one of them, get one that features Cherry and then one of the other ones that don’t.

Cherry Limeade and Sour Cherry are very similar, but if I had to pick one of them it would be Cherry Limeade just because it has a nice Lime punch.
Will I be returning to Cherry Limeade? Again I have 3 tubs of “red fruit” GFuel to get through before I can even consider replenishing my stock, but in a rotation of the red fruits, I would still be very happy to come back to Cherry Limeade.

This flavour can be found here.

BONUS – Kiwi Strawberry

Next on the Bonus Rounds is Kiwi Strawberry….another “Red Fruit” flavour? Well, the first thing to flag it as such is the powder; it is the exact same colour as the Cherry Limeade, being slightly paler than Sour Cherry. When mixed with the water it turned a very light red with an orange tint.
My first sip gave me just a wash of the typical strawberry taste you get when having the Robinsons “Summerfruits” Squash. Upon having my next sip I held the liquid longer in my mouth and managed to taste the Kiwi, but the combination tasted very familiar. I then remembered why I thought of the Robinsons Squash: they had their own Strawberry and Kiwi flavour! I hate to break it to Gamma Labs (the creators of GFuel) but this combination tastes identical to the Robinsons Squash, so right away I won’t really be coming back to it since we already have squash that tastes like this at home! I’d much rather use my slot of GFuel for the day having something unique and interesting. Yes, that means this flavour does not taste like the other “Red Fruits” of GFuel.

So, would I recommend this? Yes and no. Yes because it is very refreshing and didn’t leave my mouth dry, even without ice, and it tastes good! But really it just doesn’t taste any different to the bottle of squash I already have access to at home, which is cheaper and I can drink as much as I want throughout the day, so I can’t recommend it over the other flavours…even if it does taste great. Because of this, I won’t be coming back to it again other than to use up my sachets.

This flavour can be found here.

BONUS – Blood Orange

Ah yes another fruity flavour, this time with orange! Out of all the fruity options available for gfuel I was very keen to get this one but often found it “out of stock”, but finally I have some sachets to try!

Upon opening the sachet I was met by the sight of a pale orange powder that turned the water a deep blood orange colour. Something I noticed however for this flavour is that even after shaking a long time with 16oz of water I still saw grains of powder still floating around, it was very unusual. I took a sip of the drink with ice and got hit immediately by the orange vapours at the back of my throat, followed by a punch so strong of orange that it came close to resemble flat Tango. Each sip had a consistent orange zing but also tasted a little bit gritty, likely due to the bits of powder that failed to dissolve. Drinking the fluid down to 14oz and then shaking it aggressively still didn’t dissolve it completely. This flavour didn’t leave my mouth dry and is very refreshing.

So, would I come back to Blood Orange again? Definitely! It is nothing like a “red fruit” flavour and is a nice alternative to the plain orange squash I drink, as blood orange has a very distinct taste that I believe Gamma Labs has captured very well. I highly recommend this flavour and will be buying a tub in the future (if it ever gets back in stock).

This flavour can be found here.

BONUS – Blue Ice

This was the last flavour I had on my list but I misplaced it during building work, but I found it again so don’t worry!
Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect from Blue Ice, the artwork for it is often depicting a blue raspberry-like fruit with ice, so yeah this one I didn’t have any real expectations for its flavour.
Upon opening the sachet I found the powder to be a vibrant sky-blue, much like the Chug Rug’s colour. It turned the water a more bright blue though compared to Chug Rug, which had a darker water colour.
As this was drunk in winter, I did not have it with ice.

Blue Ice is a strange one; it has a fruity flavour but I can’t pinpoint what exactly it is. It’s also a soft drink like Peach Iced Tea in that the flavour isn’t super strong. Drinking Blue Ice did not leave my mouth dry, I tried it again with ice and can say it tastes better with it, but I still can’t identify what fruit the drink reminds me of.
Would I recommend this flavour? Well, it doesn’t suffer from “red fruit syndrome” so that’s already got a tick there, but it is an unusual taste so I would probably only recommend it for the adventurous type. Either way, I don’t think I’ll be going back to it myself as it is pretty underwhelming.

This flavour can be found here.

BONUS – Peach Iced Tea

Oh boy, Iced Tea! I knew right away that Peach Ice Tea would not be the same as the tea we Brits are used to drinking (usually with milk, and drunk while hot) so I went into sampling this flavour expecting it to taste like the iced tea I drank when I went on holiday to America those many years ago; sweet but still have the core essence of tea.
The sachet contained a light brown powder that turned the water a rich tea-brown when mixed in my shaker.

In my first sip I was hit by a very sweet punch followed by a strong peach aftertaste. Each sip afterwards was pleasantly sweet and peachy. Did it taste like tea? Yes, it did, if you go in expecting American Iced Tea that is. I was not disappointed by this flavour, with its super refreshing taste and no dryness in my mouth. I highly recommend Peach Ice Tea to those who like American Iced Teas, or perhaps want to try something on the sweeter side, and I highly suggest drinking it with ice to no surprise either.

When my Gfuel stocks of tubs deplete I most certainly will be grabbing a tub of Peach Ice Tea in the foreseeable future.

This flavour can be found here.

BONUS- Tropical Rain

I went into this flavour expecting it to be at least refreshing, as all previous fruity flavours have not been a disappointment in that department. The powder in my sachet was a greenish-blue, much like the colour shown on the sachet packet, and turned the water a rich blue when mixed. The first sip was a punch of pineapple followed by an aftertaste of delicate blueberry. My second sip gave me a wash of different flavours, with raspberry and kiwi, then on my third sip, I tasted all of the flavours at once. It indeed was a tropical drink!

I highly recommend this flavour to anyone who likes the taste of tropical fruits or just wants to try something different. Does it suffer from “red-fruit syndrome”? No, it only has raspberry in its flavours and it is not overpowering the others. I will happily grab a tub of Tropical Rain in the future.

This flavour can be found here.

BONUS – Green Apple

This flavour of gfuel was one that I was pretty confident Gamma Labs would pull off, as past flavours that tasted good were all fruit-based, but boy was Green Apple a huge disappointment!

I bought my samples in sachets that had a vibrant green powder in them, and now it seems I am noticing something else about Gfuel at this point in my samplings; powder in the sachets is always vibrantly coloured, whilst powder in the tubs is usually a paler powder or completely white. Regardless of the powder colour, it turned my water an equally vibrant apple green, so it truly did look like an apple in colour, but in terms of taste, it was nothing like I expected. I still cannot believe I found a flavour that is actually worse than Cotton Candy, and it’s a basic fruit!
The drink was tried with and without ice and tasted just as bitter and had a very chemical aftertaste as the Cotton Candy flavour did, but this didn’t even taste like apple, so points to Cotton Candy for at least tasting like what it was labelled as (even if it was for a weak 15 seconds). I had no dry mouth after drinking Green Apple but it tasted so bitter that I had to drink an extra shaker full of water to wash out the taste, it is a super disappointing flavour and I just cannot recommend it, not even to try. I am baffled as to why this flavour sells out!

Because this tasted so bad I won’t even leave a direct link to it.


NOTE: This section covers the results of tastings and how refreshing the flavours were. The full results of if G-Fuel works for energy, concentration and performance can be found below this portion of the article.

I have now sampled all 7 primary flavours, and several bonus rounds, of my selection of G-Fuel and to make things easier, for folks who like to make their choices based on fancy visuals, I have compiled each sampled flavour into a “Tier Chart”. The template I used is a meme because hey, memes are fun.

I have noticed a pattern in my tastings, and it is fairly clear on the chart too where G-Fuel works best in flavour and where it does not. Generally, all “sweet and candy” themed G-Fuel is lower in the tier even though I love my sweet things, while the more natural fruits sit higher on the list. This could just be down to the fact that it is harder to simulate the flavour, of an already existing artificial one, in the formula. G-Fuel say all flavours are made with natural ingredients, so this explains why the fruit-themed drinks tasted the best. However, as noted in the Bonus Rounds, many that have a sum of red fruits in them often taste exactly the same; I called this red fruit syndrome, where even blindfolded it was impossible to tell them all apart.

It is worth noting that while G-Fuel is sugar-free a large selection of the flavours contain caffeine (1 serving has about the amount you’d get in a large cup of coffee). They do offer caffeine-free flavours, but not many, and this could explain why my mouth often found itself dry after consumption; caffeine naturally dehydrates you. Over time I became used to it and found my mouth less dry. You can get G-Fuel that is caffeine-free, or go for their Hydration Formula, but the selection of exotic flavours for those two options is quite low.
In terms of the healthiness and benefits of using G-Fuel, I have done some research whilst going through this taster week; the formula contains multiple antioxidants that are extracted from a large selection of fruits, vegetables and other plants. While this may be great for those looking to axe artificial products, G-Fuel is not 100% natural either; many colours and flavourings are artificial, especially those found in very exotic flavours like Twisted Kandy and Ragin’ Gummy Fish.

Okay, now that the flavours and explaining why my mouth was dry so much is over and done with, you probably want to know if G-Fuel even works. One week, and especially a week of illness, is not long enough in my own opinion into seeing if G-Fuel really does improve my performance as a gamer, my focus as a writer, or my energy levels as someone who juggles multiple tasks at once (and frequently becomes exhausted). To make a final conclusion into if G-Fuel does work, I will have to run an experiment for at least a month.

Want to see more taster reviews for G-Fuel? Send an E-Mail with your suggested flavour!

G-FUEL ENERGY: Does it really work?

Note: My results were compromised during July due to reoccurring illness that was not connected to the G-Fuel. (I just get sick easily.) For this reason, I did the month again in September after having an extended recovery period in August. This means instead of using G-Fuel for a month I used it for 2 months


In short, yes the G-Fuel does work, however it does not work for everything and I imagine it also will not be suitable for everyone.

In more detail, first, here are the conditions I set myself during this testing period:

  1. Consumed once a day, usually in the morning.
  2. Alternating activities throughout the week: gaming one day, writing the next day, drawing on another. etc.
  3. Attempt to multitask in the afternoon (the common period for crashing to occur).
  4. Avoiding all other forms of caffeine, such as coffee and some chocolate.

As the week started I felt little to no improvements in my level of energy or concentration, however by the second week I found my energy levels were left relatively high without the need for coffee or other pick-me-ups like sugary drinks. During the whole process, I experienced no “energy crashes” whatsoever. It even seemed to help me feel less sluggish when I was fatigued from illness.
That being said, concentration levels remained unchanged, though that is a challenge in itself as I suffer from mild ADHD symptoms which include a poor attention span. I was, however, feeling more capable of multitasking as I felt I had the energy to do it. Reaction speeds also seemed to improve in my gaming sessions, however, this could again just be connected to the improved levels of energy rather than anything the G-fuel does itself.

So do I recommend G-Fuel? Yes and no; yes it is an excellent alternative to Energy Drinks if you need a bit of a boost to your energy levels, and they have a wide variety of flavours (90% of those I sampled were excellent), and it does as it says on the tub if you are a gamer. It doesn’t seem to benefit you anywhere else other than the energy department, however. So unless you are a gamer, or a sportsman (they have a hydration formula for physical sports), then you’ll probably not get all the benefits this product offers.

If you’re a student and need some energy to grind through the night finishing up your dissertation or coursework, then G-fuel is most certainly a better alternative to those energy drinks you’re likely using. It is, however, a bit on the expensive side if you’re outside the USA so I would only advise purchasing G-Fuel during a special promotion, or if you have a discount code. Speaking of which…

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