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Noteable Characters

Specimen G-13

One timeline of many in the Jinimaru Project; Specimen G-13 (Gakidou) slays Subject 218 (Tim) to escape capture. With Gakidou surviving the confrontation, he embarks on a dark path of vengeance and knowledge.

Also known as “Specimen G-13” or “the Hybrid,” Gakidou was born via cesarean section and spent most of his life as a captive test subject. He was involved in a variety of studies, including genetic modification and research into the intelligence of the Jinimaru species. One of the most well-known experiments conducted on him was the splicing of human DNA with his own genetics, resulting in him becoming a Hybrid.

As the youngest of four cubs, he was separated from his siblings at a very early age for research purposes. He could only communicate with them through vents in his cell wall or behind a pane of glass. This prolonged isolation, combined with his Hybrid nature, has made Gakidou’s temperament unpredictable and left him with a strong aversion to physical contact.

Also known as “Specimen G-10”, Ryusa was born via cesarean section and spent most of her life as a captive test subject. She was extensively involved in most of the experiments Gakidou participated in. She too had her genetics spliced with human DNA, although she received a lesser degree of genetic alteration compared to Gakidou, making her a somewhat less prominent hybrid.

As the eldest of four cubs, she held a dominant position and exerted control over her two younger brothers, as Gakidou was isolated he was not subjected to this. Growing up without any challenges to her authority, she developed an egotistical and overconfident nature, daring to challenge any form of authority that was not under her leadership once she reached maturity.

Also known as “Specimen G-11”, Bachi was born via cesarean section and spent most of his life as a captive test subject. He was less involved in the experiments that Gakidou participated in. However, like Gakidou, his genetics were also spliced with human DNA. It is worth mentioning that Bachi’s genetic alteration was not as substantial as Gakidou’s, which resulted in him being a somewhat less prominent hybrid.

As the second eldest of the four cubs, Bachi not only grew in size, but also in power. In fact, he became the largest and most powerful among the litter. However, despite his physical prowess, Bachi lacked confidence and the ability to make decisions for himself. Instead, he preferred to blindly follow the instructions of others. This pattern continued into adulthood, where he continued to prioritize obeying his sisters’ orders over developing his own identity and beliefs. This perpetual subservience characterized Bachi’s life.

Also known as “Specimen G-12”, Mayoke was born via cesarean section and spent most of his life as a captive test subject. He had a limited involvement in the experiments that Gakidou participated in. However, similar to Gakidou, his genetics were also spliced with human DNA. Mayoke underwent minimal alterations, resulting in him being a less prominent hybrid.

Mayoke, the second youngest among the four cubs, holds the distinction of being the second largest. Nevertheless, he possesses a remarkably placid nature and prefers diplomacy over physical confrontation despite his inherent physical power. It is noteworthy that Mayoke displays indications of having ADHD, although he masters the art of concealing his symptoms with great skill, though still has a habit of mangling his tail-tip when stressed, usually by wringing it with his hands.

Kalpa was created as a clone using the genes of the last Feles to make Jinimaru, who was known as Aeon. She possesses all the traits of a purebred Feles, including the remarkable ability to communicate with other Felines, both living and deceased.

Through scientific replication, she serves as a link between the past and present, carrying the legacy of her ancestors. Raised by her creator, Jonas, who recognized her potential and prepared her for an important role in the society of Edris. As Kalpa grew older, she felt the weight of destiny upon her. It was her purpose to become the Queen of Edris, leading her people with wisdom, grace, and a promising future.

Before assuming her royal responsibilities, Kalpa embarked on a journey on Earth, where she found fulfillment as a caregiver. She lovingly offered her support and nurtured those in need, dedicating herself to being a nanny for Gakidou and his siblings. Unfortunately, Gakidou’s research-focused life meant he couldn’t fully experience the maternal love that Kalpa had to give. Nonetheless, their brief time together left a profound impact on their lives, forging a bond that connected them despite their different paths.

Kate is the older sister of Kyle Hunden and spent most of her life studying to become a Jinimaru veterinarian. During her first international trip to study wild Maru, she discovered a pregnant Jinimaru who had been shot and lay dying. To save the cubs, Kate performed an emergency c-section and delivered Gakidou and his siblings.

Her unprecedented handling of the situation earned her admiration and cast a shadow over her future efforts. Kate’s passion for the Jinimaru and their welfare drove her beyond the traditional roles expected of a veterinarian. Instead of handing the cubs over to local authorities, Kate and her mentor took them back to England and raised them, a choice that carried significant ethical and legal concerns.

In England, the cubs attracted the attention of several research institutions. Despite Kate’s desire to keep them away from experimentation, they were ultimately taken from her care to be used in research. This event marked a turning point in her career and shaped her subsequent advocacy for animal rights and ethical treatment.

Unlike others in her field, Kate desires to share everything she discovers with absolutely everyone she meets, even if what she has to share is best kept quiet. Her transparency has often landed her in controversial situations, yet it also brought to light practices and policies needing reform. Kate’s blend of expertise and outspoken nature continues to stir discussions and sometimes dissent within the scientific and conservation communities, both on Earth and in her new home of Edris.

Subject 218

An alternate timeline; Specimen G-13 (Gakidou) dies in an explosion caused by Subject 218 (Tim). Tim survives and embarks on a journey of redemption and self-discovery.

In the sweltering heat of Phoenix, Arizona, Subject 218—known to the world as Tim—navigated the complexities of adolescence with a notorious reputation. His presence at school was synonymous with trouble, a legacy he unwittingly inherited from a childhood marred by neglect and the questionable influence of his uncle. From the bottle to his brazen behaviour, the man’s vices left an indelible mark on Tim.

The loss of his uncle, a figure both flawed and pivotal in his upbringing, thrust Tim into a new reality—one orchestrated without his consent. As he crossed the threshold of 17, his parents, ever distant, enlisted him as a guinea pig in an experiment shrouded in secrecy.

Amidst the chaos, a trio of steadfast companions—James, Freija, and Kyle—stood as his anchors, their friendship a bulwark against the tempest of his life. They were the light in his darkness, the calm in his storm. Yet, Toby, another friend from high school, seemed determined to fan the flames of Tim’s self-destructive tendencies, offering him solace at the bottom of a glass.

The twist of fate that bestowed superpowers upon Tim was as unexpected as it was transformative. With newfound abilities and his loyal friends, he embarked on a journey to Los Angeles, driven by a vision to nurture hope in the form of a youth shelter. However, the means to realize this dream was tinged with the same shadows that once clouded his life, as the funds for their noble endeavour were procured through less-than-honourable methods.

In the City of Angels, they found themselves at a crossroads, grappling with the moral implications of their actions. The shelter stood as a beacon of hope, a testament to their commitment to change, but the origins of its foundation remained a haunting reminder of the complex tapestry of their lives.

Kyle Hunden met his friend Tim in high school under rather unusual circumstances; they found themselves side by side in the nurse’s office following a minor scuffle over a few dollars. Bound by shared intervals of idle conversation while they awaited treatment, they discovered many common interests. This sparked the beginning of a close-knit friendship. Over the years, Kyle developed a deep-seated affection for Tim that suggested a bond beyond mere friendship.

Their steadfast camaraderie was put to the test when Tim mysteriously vanished, leaving Kyle distraught and consumed with worry. Dedication turned into desperation as Kyle spent countless hours trying to trace Tim’s whereabouts, though without any success. During this tumultuous period, Kyle’s thoughts rarely strayed from his lost friend, reflecting the intensity of his feelings.

The narrative took an unexpected turn when Tim resurfaced as mysteriously as he had disappeared, now endowed with superpowers. The sheer relief of Tim’s return was quickly followed by shock and awe. This monumental change was not solitary—Tim had accessed a special formula that granted them extraordinary abilities. Seeing a potential opportunity to bridge the gap, Kyle also took the formula, gaining powers himself.

Now united by their supernatural capabilities, Kyle shifted his focus to helping Tim manage the sudden transitions and associated challenges of his new abilities. He worked tirelessly, not only to help Tim reconcile with his past troubles but also to ensure that the newfound powers didn’t escalate ordinary friction into perilous encounters. The dynamics of their friendship evolved, now interwoven with the threads of responsibility and power, setting them on a path fraught with both danger and profound alliance.

James was Tim’s first friend, and despite years of enduring both mental and physical abuse from him, James remained unwavering in his commitment to support Tim’s recovery from the neglect he suffered at the hands of his parents. James understood that his actions might lead to suffering—enduring punches was a testament to his resolve—but he recognized that without his intervention, Tim might never embark on the path to recovery.

James was not only a consistent presence in Tim’s life but also his courageous challenger. He never hesitated to confront Tim about his destructive behaviours, fully aware that such confrontations could result in physical retaliation. James believed firmly that silence would only perpetuate Tim’s turmoil; someone had to step in to break the cycle of abuse, and he willingly took on that role.

When Tim disappeared under mysterious circumstances, the investigation into his whereabouts brought the police to James’ doorstep. During the inquiry, James’ parents were interrogated about the nature of the relationship between their son and Tim. The insinuations made by the investigators regarding James’ sexuality incensed his father, leading to James being disowned and expelled from his home. Homeless, James was forced to survive on the streets, enduring hardships until Tim’s return.

Overwhelmed with guilt for the suffering James endured, Tim shared a mysterious formula with him—the same one that had granted him superpowers. Seizing the opportunity, James ingested the formula and gained extraordinary physical strength. Empowered, he didn’t just return to his friend’s side; he became a pillar in their collective endeavour to create a safe haven for youth.

Together with Tim and other allies, James helped establish a youth shelter—a sanctuary for children who had been ostracized from their homes like himself, and others like Tim, who needed refuge from abusive environments. This shelter not only provided a safe space but also advocacy and resources to help these young individuals heal and build resilient futures, much like the support James had unconditionally extended to Tim throughout their tumultuous friendship.

Freija, a character deeply intertwined in Tim’s narrative, holds the dual identity of both an artistic prodigy and an obsessive individual. Engaged in creating art through various mediums—be it sculpture, painting, or digital art—she is noticeably passionate about her craft. However, this passion veers into darker territory as she exhibits a compulsive tendency to record covert photographs and audio clips of Tim and his friends. These recordings are often compromising and are uploaded to her website, disturbingly violating privacy.

Her fascination with Tim is an open secret in their circle. Despite her declarations of love, which she broadcasts quite openly, Tim dismisses these advances, attributing them to mere friendliness, a notion he clings to perhaps out of denial or discomfort. This unrequited love shapes much of Freija’s interactions.

This complex dynamic takes a suspenseful turn when Tim disappears. Freija’s response to his disappearance is proactive—she launches a personal investigation to uncover his whereabouts. Despite her efforts, her quest proves futile.

Tim’s eventual return marks a turning point for Freija. She collaborates with him in establishing a youth shelter in Los Angeles. This project channels her talents constructively as she teaches art to the youths, possibly seeking redemption and a sense of purpose. Yet, the moral ambiguity of her character resurfaces as she gets involved in laundering money. This money, acquired through illicit means by Tim, James, and Kyle, is funnelled into supporting the shelter’s financial needs. This involvement in money laundering adds complexity to her moral compass, juxtaposing her altruistic engagements with unethical activities.

Intriguingly, Toby’s life is marked by a series of paradoxes that closely intertwine with his brilliant yet chaotic nature. Gaining a friend like Tim during high school, Toby’s resemblance to Tim’s late uncle may have sparked an initial bond that drew them together. Despite this connection, Toby’s influence on Tim has been far from beneficial. Feeding into Tim’s struggles with alcohol, Toby often undermines efforts made by their mutual friend James to help Tim recover, adding layers of conflict and toxicity to their relationships.

Toby’s backstory adds a deeper dimension to his complex character. His mother, a private investigator whose mysterious death in a seemingly undamaged car left more questions than answers, seems to have played a crucial role in Toby’s descent into reckless behaviour. Driving the very car in which his mother met her untimely death, Toby showcases his disregard for safety and stability, mirroring his life choices which are driven by a similar recklessness. Following his mother’s death, Toby’s relationship with his father deteriorated as his father chose to maintain a safe distance, unwilling or unable to confront the array of issues his son was battling.

Despite being held back multiple years in high school due to failing exams—a fact that might suggest a lack of intelligence—Toby proves this assumption wrong. He exhibits an exceptional understanding of chemistry and biology, evidenced by his ability to manufacture not only his own alcoholic beverages and recreational drugs but also a replica of Tim’s superpower formula. This formula, originally given to Tim during an abduction by the US government, was replicated by Toby who daringly tested it on himself, completely indifferent to the potentially dangerous side effects.

After Tim’s return, he assisted in setting up a youth shelter in Los Angeles, signalling a potential for positive impact. However, consistent with his character, Toby chose to dissociate from the shelter once it was operational, diving deeper into his personal quests. He continued to probe into the origins of the superpower formula while also focusing on his own production of drugs and alcohol, indicating his constant pursuit of truths and thrills that align with his risky and enigmatic lifestyle.

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