Where else can I view your work?

You can find my artwork on websites such as Redbubble, Amazon, and DeviantArt for sale, or just have a casual browse through a mixture of fan art and original bits and pieces I decide to share outside of my projects!
I also upload artwork on very rare occasions to Furaffinity. This website tends to remain exclusively for my more “mature” art that cannot be safe for work. Fan fiction is available on AO3 but they are very old and are no longer being updated.
Hardback copies of my books are distributed via LuLu and can work their way into numerous bookstores online.

Other than these listed websites, and StreamLabs, my artwork should not be found anywhere else.

If you find my work for sale on a website I have not listed, please send me an e-mail at zuperbuuworks@gmail.com as it may be stolen and the individual has violated my copyright terms of use.

Why do some books have multiple cover options?

I provide all paperback books in one style on Amazon as exclusives. These editions are the cheapest options available, and I didn’t want my books to all have the same cover as this could confuse someone regarding pricing.
Hardbacks are more expensive; these books have a new cover made just for them, including those with dust jackets. This way someone knows the edition they are looking at is a hardback, even if the site doesn’t say it is.

Books such as the Edris Compendium have their hardback edition labeled as “Cosplay Edition”, as it has been designed to resemble how the book looks in the fantasy world it’s based on.

How is ZuW helping the planet?

Writing and drawing about nature are one of my passions, so it makes sense that I would do my best to preserve nature, so every single one of my distributors is a “print-on-demand” service: Redbubble, LuLu, Deviantart, and yes, even Amazon.
What is “print-on-demand”? It’s quite simple really: rather than mass-producing books or prints and leaving them sitting in a storage facility to be purchased, which uses up resources and space, the items are made to order meaning no space or materials get wasted. My distributors also use printers that are as close as possible to your address so that the carbon footprint is lower for getting your item shipped to you!
Items I create and ship from my own home also come in 100% recyclable or biodegradable materials, ranging from cardboard to plant-based plastics. The items I 3D print are made out of UK-manufactured PLA, which is biodegradable and has a lower carbon footprint than PLA manufactured overseas.

As my business grows, I will continue to look for zero to carbon-neutral solutions for creating and distributing my creations. We only have one planet; let’s keep it clean and healthy!

I want to make an adaptation based on one of your books. Is this allowed?

It depends on what you plan on doing with my beloved worlds! I’d love to learn more about your project and help you where I can. Please send me an e-mail at zuperbuuworks@gmail.com to discuss more about it with me.

Do you provide Art/Writing classes?

At this moment in time, I do not, simply because I have too much work to do right now! Please check back here in the future when I have less on my plate to do.

Do you do mature (18+) commission work?

I can, but it depends on what is being asked for if I will draw it or not. I may struggle to draw certain things and don’t want to make any promises when it comes to mature work, so please e-mail me at zuperbuuworks@gmail.com. I also ask all my clients if I can post the image onto one of my two platforms (Deviantart or Furaffinity) for future clients to see samples, so if you don’t want anyone else to see what I have drawn for you then you’ll need to tell me not to.

(Insert sales pitch here)

By reading this statement you understand that I am not in the market for sales pitches of any kind, and if you contact me you acknowledge that I will ignore your e-mail.

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