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Thulian Blue

This book is in its very early development stages.

The origins of Thulian Blue
Thulian Blue was inspired by a series of dreams Thomas had early in his childhood. The exact year is not known of its first appearance, however, the first drawings made of several of the characters appeared in 1998 in a series of paper-cards accompanied by a Bestiary with small samples of information about each creature and character. All but one of these creatures now exists in “The Edris Compendium” as part of The Jinimaru Project. The one remaining creature design was used in a previously known title for this story, “Apocalypse Blue”, which predates 2018.
The creature from this 1998 bestiary, Hydra, no longer features in the story but its design has since influenced the new characters.
Originally drafted in 2015, the story was scrapped in 2018 after Thomas once again had a new series of dreams which had a far less complicated story to tell, using the same characters. It’s original concept told the tale of several Humans working together with the Animals of the Zodiac, that once lay trapped in statues, in stopping the corrupted Snake Spirit from destroying the planet in his quest for power, after he ate a statue belonging to the Dragon Spirit.
The new story, Thulian Blue, still makes use of the Animal Spirits and some of the Human characters.

Story Brief (Release Date TBC)
One Trans-man and his friends’ lives are changed forever after they survive a plane crash and remain stranded on a desert island together. On the island, they find a strange shrine, adorned in mythical creature statues, and dismantle it in order to build a raft. The spirits of the shrine awaken from the groups’ disrespect, and curse them; their bodies, one transformed a second time, are turned into the form of a dragon.
The spirits tell the group they have one year to appease them, or will lose their voices and remain Dragons forever. With no clue as to what must be done to appease the spirits, they find themselves struggling to survive, pursued by Humans who wish to either keep them in a cage or cut them open.
Can the group lift their curse, or will they be doomed to remain as Dragons?

Reading Requirements/Information
–  This story is written in third-person.
– No knowledge of Jinimaru is needed, as they are not involved in this story in any shape or form.
– Thulian Blue is considered suitable for ages 15 and up.

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