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I am still working intensely on the final installment of Specimen G-13, Heart of the Feles, and doing 3D modeling work for my projects and Dreamie in a Bottle. I admit I haven’t had much chance to refresh either of the websites, so it is on hold until I get this book finished which will reduce my workload significantly.

Below is an image of a work-in-progress model for my own project. I am steadily learning better ways to make models faster, so I can add more incredible details later.

So what are all these models for, and what does it have to do with the website refresh? I want to make an interactive version of the Edris Compendium! This would include:

  • Fully rendered 3D models of plants, animals, armour, and examples of buildings/structures. Able to be rotated by the user so they can see the item from every angle.
  • Structured around factual information, rather than from the POV of an Edris resident.
  • Buttons to play sounds/animations for creatures performing certain activities. (dragons breathing fire)

I may be a tad ambitious with the idea, but I would love to at least give it a try. Also, whilst the interactive compendium will be the primary function on the site, I will still have separate sections for the old articles I wrote, and information for the books I have written. The video game section of the site has been removed for now, and won’t be back until I have more to show for the projects relating to them.

That’s all for now. I had planned on posting this in October but I have been very busy and sick. I was also going to post the last update of the year in December, but seeing as not much will be around to show you, I may just do a quick Holiday update instead.

Thank you all for your patience!

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