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Colour Print samples have arrived!

I mentioned a while ago about my recent arrangements with a printing service that will allow me to buy, and sell, full-colour prints of my books at a far cheaper price; well I can now tell you that the first samples have arrived! I have noticed some flaws, and have contacted the printers who have been very helpful in getting the prints sorted out to look the best they can, whilst keeping the costs low.

The first samples were printed on coated white paper, this gives it a more glossy texture and is harder to stain, but selecting this option caused a new problem. Because several images are heavy on the use of black ink, this type of paper has caused some of those images to smudge or leave black dots on the pages during printing. The printers suggested I go for un-coated white paper and see if they look any better, so I have done just that. Once the sample arrives I will make a video showcasing the scales of the books, since a video will display the sizes of the books and the quality of the prints better than just a simple photograph.

For convenience, I have also started a page in the “Written Work” section of the site, which will help readers decide which version of a book is best suited to their budget and/or needs, as I can only provide discounted colour books at conventions or by selling leftover stock on etsy. Information on the book publishing process will also be available to read, for the curious few.


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