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Epubs! Epubs for all!

No, an Epub is not a place where we Brits go to drink. They are E-Books!

I already had Subject 218 Volume 1 up for sale in Epub format, but now everything else is available. So, if the book has a print out now, the Epub will be available as well.
Why are Epubs important? Well, you can carry a physical copy of a book anywhere really, but sometimes you leave the house without it, get stuck waiting for hours on a train, or need a more readily available read when you’re out and about. The Epub books can be read on tablets, mobile phones and E-readers like the Kindle or Nook. Plus, they are cheaper.

All Epub books are priced at £1.99 except the Jinimaru guide, which is £3.99. All Epub artwork is in full-colour unless you are viewing the book on an ink-based E-reader. The books will be in full-colour on your phone and tablet.
Thanks for waiting! (If your Ebook looks odd, like misaligned images or big gaps between paragraphs, please drop me an e-mail with the model of device you are using, as I am only able to test my Epubs on two types of E-readers right now. Also remember to try adjusting the font size on your E-reader.)


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