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The Edris Compednium has now launched and is now on sale worldwide on Amazon! This month, however, I have spent doing work for “Dinovember!”

Dinovember Madness!

There have been a large number of pieces created this month for Dinovember; from stickers to shirts, and my personal favourite, the mug!
I whipped up a lot of cartoon Dinos this month, but I wasn’t entirely satisfied just making the cute little critters; I wanted to share my support for PRIDE too! Then an idea hit me; why not mix the two together?

You can find the entire collection in the LGBT Collection, or if you can’t decide on just one design you like, you can get them in a collage here!
This has been a very exhausting month of drawing, colouring, painting and writing for my poor wrists, but I hope you enjoy what I have created!

As usual, these LGBT Dinos can be found in the Redbubble store, but wait; I am also making them available as T-Shirts on Amazon as well! These shirts are available for those who are put off by Redbubbles shipping costs, which can be high when ordering a lot of different items.
Uploading my work to Amazon is a painfully slow process, so they will not be available right away; I am doing my best to pop them up every day, but it all falls down to how fast Amazon can approve of them, so I cannot guarantee a specific design being available by the holidays on Amazon.

At the time of writing this months update, only the LGBT-Rex design is on and

Specimen G-13 PART 2, and The Jinimaru Project

Writing for Specimen G-13 Part 2 is still going ahead, with me storming through the story to get it into the first-draft mode before the end of January (all being well!)
Character biographies are still being worked on, but due to Dinovember they have been on the back-burner. Next month I will be returning to doing the rest of the character art for Part 2, and possibly some for Part 1.

Speaking of Part 2; presently, the book is subtitled as “The Black Knight”, but I am highly considering changing this title. Right now I have two other candidate names; “The Shadow Hunter” and “Wrath of the Lancer”. I will put out a poll before the book completes its first draft phase, so you folks can help me pick which subtitle you think sounds better!

Also on the agenda is The Jinimaru Projects short stories, or “Folklore Tales” as I prefer to call them. I am now submitting all-new short stories for you to read, for FREE, on Wattpad. ORIGINS, and Koru & Koura, will not be included on Wattpad. Once all short stories are written and polished, they will be bundled into an anthology and sold on Amazon with the two currently sold short stories in the set.
This decision was made based on how short the stories were, with them barely reaching the 100-page mark that I like to have as a minimum.

Aside from these things, not much else has to be said for the status of The Jinimaru Project, or Specimen G-13. For more frequent news on these projects, check out my Twitter or Facebook.

Anything else?

Nah, everything’s pretty much covered this month; I spent almost all my time doing artwork or writing Specimen G-13 Part 2. Next month we should see more biographies going up, but aside from that it will seem fairly quiet, especially whilst I crunch out these next few chapters.


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