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Ho-hum…I’ve been spending a lot of time writing this month! Let’s get cracking on with the update, it’ll be brief this time though!

The Edris Compendium

I have completed more artwork for the compendium, but it still needs 11 more bits of work doing to have it anywhere near a “finished” state. I could add a lot more artwork to it, but really I am just getting more desperate to get what I had originally planned done so I can meet my deadline of November 1st for the launch. If I manage to get everything originally planned in before, say, end of September, then I may add some more artwork.

All text and layout of images is subject to change!

Right now the animals portion of the book just has these single images with a size-chart beside them. What I would like to add is much larger and detailed portraits on the opposing page, of the animals in their natural habitat or interacting with the natives, but time will tell if I am able to do this in the few months I have remaining leading up to my deadline.

Specimen G-13

I’m doing my writing of “The Black Knight” right now, and it’s a chunky book; I’ve already passed the number of pages found in volume 1, and I am only on chapter 4 of 13! Anyway, I will be posting tweet-sized snippets now and again on Twitter, but I have a larger chunk prepared in image form all ready for you to see now, just to give you an idea of the theme of the book, which tackles the crumbling political climate of Edris.

As usual; text is subject to change!

I hope to get “The Black Knight” in first draft before next year, so that I can edit it and have it launched by June/July like volume 1 was, but because of its size this book may take longer. If you’d like to help me speed up the editing process, then I’d appreciate donations towards hiring an editor. You can donate by making a pledge on Patreon, or by buying from the bookstore or artwork store.

Stores n’ Stuff

The Redbubble store has new additions! The latest paintings now have prints up for sale, I have also been updating older artwork to be made accessible on the new products Redbubble have been offering, such as backpacks and magnets.
Also, the “Website painting Store”, which sells my original paintings and any other little bits and pieces, is now fully stocked and should be viewable. I still don’t have my packing boxes delivered (damn you slow postal service!) so please don’t purchase anything yet. If you do buy something you could be waiting a while because I don’t have my boxes for shipping!

Final Thoughts

Honestly, writing “The Black Knight” is a real delight, especially after all the difficulty I had starting the series off with volume 1 of Specimen G-13. I know that editing will be just as hard with volume 2 as it was with volume 1, but right now I am enjoying myself and am blazing through the story drafting process. As for the Edris Compendium? As much as I enjoyed working on it I can’t wait to see it finished; it was a huge undertaking by myself, and I probably won’t be doing anything else quite like it again.

Until next time!

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