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RAWR! Is that Donisaur?

It has been quite some time since our last news post, but that is because we have been working on RAWR! It’s Donisaur!
We have the first three volumes of the series written up and ready, all that remains is to draw pictures for every single page! (Phew! That’s going to be exhausting!)
Here is a sneak peek at the line-up of volumes by name and plot; we hope to have the cover for the first volume ready for displaying shortly.

RAWR! My name is Doni!
The introduction to the zoo and cast of characters, accompanied by them trying to find out what animal Doni is!

Dinnertime with Dinosaurs
The cast of characters try to explain to Doni about the food-chain and where he fits in to it!

Where is Simon?
The cast of characters explain the history of the other Tyrannosaurus (who is very mean) called Simon, and that Doni might become just like him.

Playtime with Dinosaurs
Doni sets out to prove he is not like big-bad Simon, and tries to show how different he can be to the other characters.

That concludes your sneak peek at the first four volumes! Donisaur is aimed at children ages two years and up, to help them learn about Dinosaurs and other extinct animals in a new and interesting way, and that there is more to the famous T.Rex than other children’s cartoons tell them! (Did the T.Rex hunt other animals for food or did it only eat animals hunted by others? Did the Rex live alone or as a family group? These are a few examples.)

The first few volumes of Donisaur are scheduled for publishing by September 2013. A new post will be submitted when the front cover of Volume One is completed.

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