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So close, but yet so far!

Well I’ve been grinding the gears in the old noggin’ and re-read the Jinimaru Guide, corrected as many spelling and grammar errors as I could, and consider it “readable” now for anyone with the attention span to do so.
As for images, all the breeds have been drawn now and entered into the guide, alongside a size comparison chart of sorts and a handful of other odds and ends, all that is really missing from the guide now is the much needed biology sketches and then all the ancient artwork that survived over the past 13 years. I’ve found fragments of what I was looking for, but have yet to find all the oldest pieces from 1998 to 2000 (I hope they are in good condition still.)

The guide aside, progress on the Compilation is crawling because hey, I keep deciding on adding even more folklore which in turn makes the compilation bigger. Because of this habit I am breaking the Compilation down into sections that will be sold separately, though the original three will be included with the Guide as previously mentioned (the Western, Pirate and Chinese tales).
Putting it into percentages, this is how the compilation as a whole looks:

Western – 25% finished, 25% of the book is going to be taken up by this one.
Pirates – 40% finished, 50% of the book is going to be taken up by this one.
Chinese – 15% finished, 25% of the book is going to be taken up by this one.

There are also four more in the works but they are on hold until the above three are finished, and will be sold as separate booklets instead of one large compilation like the others. These other stories are still in the concepts stage and haven’t even been drafted yet, but include “1880’s Europe”, “Ice Age”, “1990’s Australia” and “1990’s North Pole” as settings.
As mentioned on the Jinimaru Chronicles infopage, these books are not intended for youths and will not contain many images outside of the Guide. I will continue to post updates on this series when necessary.

Thanks for being patient!


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