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Volume 1 of the Tales of Tim series!

Here we go again!

I received my first test prints of the books, and whilst I loved how they looked I felt there was some room to improve them. I have already corrected Operation: HUNT DOWN and have officially released it from the depths of my brain-closet for you to enjoy. Or maybe take Tim’s advice if you don’t like it, and burn it. I’m sure he’d really like either of those options.

You can buy a physical copy of Volume 1, or an EPUB version, on various online book stores. You can also go direct to my page at LuLu and grab it from the source, which I would recommend since they offer some great discounts on their printing.
If you notice anything I may have missed in any of my books, be it a typo or random additional space between words, please let me know; I combed over the books for nearly three months but I am not perfect, but still wish for my works to be. Future books already have a proof-reader on board now, no more waiting a year just to get a book out of the draft stage!

I am already working on getting the new changes made to Code-name: BLOODHOUND so that it too can be made available in the store. I have also renamed the series to “Subject 218” to make it look less cluttered on the covers, but it can still be referred to as either.


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