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SUPER short entry this week! Just a status update on things as I am still hard at work doing some writing and other odd-jobs.

✅ My Gakidou has it’s first draft finished. It is now being proof-read/edited.
⬜ Specimen G-13 is being written, 70% finished in first-draft.
🔵 Subject 218 books are still waiting for the new proof-reader.
⬜ Subject 218 Comic #2 is still being inked. (this takes a while) #3 is 10% sketched and is in queue.
🔵 Jinimaru Folklore Volume 3 + 4 are still in a queue to be proof-read.
🔴 The Jinimaru Guides still need artwork. Artwork is on hold until Subject 218 Issue #2 is done.
🔴 RAWR! it’s Donisaur #2 is on hold until both Specimen G-13 AND Subject 218 Issue #2 and #3 are finished.

I am taking a short break uploading new content to the Redbubble store and the DeviantArt page, as all the content I am currently working on is either exclusively written or contains “spoilers” for one or more projects.
G-Fuel Review article has been updated with 4 new flavours. I will be reviewing 4 more when Gamma Labs (its creator) restock their website.

I haven’t been able to stream for a few weeks/months as we have been having building work done and it is a tad bit disruptive, that and my WiFi is not all that reliable, but I will be doing streaming again once either the building settles down or the WiFi improves. Speaking of the building work, in less than a months time I will be unable to work on my computer-based projects such as colouring and writing for a few days/weeks as I am being relocated while my room is being sorted out by building work. During this period I will instead try drawing out everything for Issue #3 for Subject 218 and do some more artwork for the Jinimaru Guidebooks, which can then be scanned in once I have the facilities to do so again.

That’s all for this week, see you all again next Wednesday!


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