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This is a very short update this week, as I have been grinding through making the comic exclusively and have only made progress with that and little else. Although…

Many of you have probably seen the “My Gakidou” book cover design now, for those who haven’t you can see it on its dedicated page here. The image at the top of the page, however, is being made into an Enamel Badge!
Yes, you read that right! I am currently getting quotes from suppliers to make these Transgender-Pride pins a reality for Comic Con, along with a few other designs I am keeping quiet right now. I had a supplier already in mind, but have yet to finalise anything (I have been too busy working on the comic). When I obtain a sample of the badge I will include it in that weekly update blog!

Now for the comic; I have completed 19 of the 28 pages. That’s all I have to say! It takes a long time to do it all, and I don’t think I have ever shared how long each stage has taken yet…

Whole Issue is sketched first, this can take about 1-2 days before I am happy enough to ink everything. Inking one page takes roughly an hour, some pages have taken longer. This whole Issue took nearly 3 weeks to ink (though I admit, I was also on holiday in Japan so this should be shorter.)
Scanning in all 28 pages took around 1 hour.
Editing each page to be rid of white, turning it into line-work ready for colouring, takes about 40 minutes per page.
Applying flat colours to a page can take anywhere from 20 minutes, to over an hour.
Speech-bubble quantity and effect needs vary depending on the page, but can take about 10-20 minutes.
Full shading has been tested on one page and it took over 3 hours.

That’s all for this weeks update, hopefully by next week I will have a sample of the comic ready to show, but we shall have to wait and see how things go when it comes to compiling all the images into a document that is print-ready. So far both Word and Open Office crash when I reach the 19th page entry, they just can’t seem to handle such a high DPI! Anyway, that’s all for now, see you next week!


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