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I am waiting for my print samples to arrive for Subject 218 Issue #1, samples for the badges and additional samples for T-shirts. However, I do have some information to share before the samples show up! This blog will be updated with a video when any of the samples arrive.

The Website

The Japan Guide has been expanded upon, now including large chunks on Fast Food joints and Ramen Bars. The remaining sections include Kobe Beef and Snacks, before closing the article off with some final points. When the article is finished I will work on something else related to Japan, but for now it is not at the top of the list.

The Comics

Subject 218 Issue #1 is available via EPUB/Kindle on Amazon. When available, if you buy the Print copy of an Issue/Volume you will get the EPUB edition for free. The first issue of the series will always be made FREE on Kindle Unlimited, but all following Issues will be £2.75. Print editions for Issues will be around £4.99 each and will only be sold on Amazon or at Comic-Con. A price can not yet be given for Volumes, however you will get the EPUB version free when you buy a print copy.
I will explain more about why the Comics are only on Amazon in the V-Blog when the samples arrive, and will also be discussing more about the future location of all my published works migrating from LuLu. More on this in future blog entries.

Edit 16/6/19: A sample from Amazon has arrived. I will be making a Video Blog next Wednesday providing the sample from LuLu arrives on time.

The Novels

Specimen G-13 and My Gakidou are both making progress in their writing/draft stages.
My Gakidou is 50% complete and needs no new artwork, Specimen G-13 is 1/3 finished and needs artwork (it previously was not having any). Both projects will be in a queue for proof-reading though My Gakidou is being read by someone different, so is more likely to come out before the end of the year.

The Merchandise

I added a bunch of new T-shirt and sticker designs for Pride 2019 to the redbubble store! And, of-course, the badges are now in production and should arrive by the end of the month. They will be made available on Etsy.
I am waiting for more samples to arrive for pictures to be placed onto the Merchandise page, for now here are samples of the artwork!
The Trading Cards are still being worked on but are on the back-burner while I finish more of the above listed projects. More info will be made available in the next few months.

That’s all for now, please stand by for a V-Blog about the comic samples!


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