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Anthro Dinosaurs Are Here!

Countless weeks staring at Blender, drinking nothing but caffeine-free tea and stuffing my face with low energy foods, I finally figured out how to make rigged meshes and import them into Second Life.

The end result is the first in a long line of anthropomorphic Dinosaur avatars; the Stegosaurus.

All our new range of Dinosaurs will have fully rigged upper and lower bodies, with the option to remove the digigrade legs provided (should you not like the very large ones) to substitute with alternative options.
Tails, Spines/horns, jaws, eyes and claws are all still sculpted as our sculpts have always been fairly low poly and load very quickly.
Each Dinosaur avatar is fully recolourable without needing to upload any new textures (unless you really want to), and come with yapping jaws that animate when you type.
Better still, I have capped the Anthro Dinosaur prices to 500L$ MAX. The Stegosaurus is 400L$.

Our next line of Anthro Dinosaurs include:
Sauropod (based on Apatosaurus)
Dromaeosaur (based on Deinonychus)
Tyrannosaurus Rex

Hadrosaur (Parasaurolophus and many others)

This is just a short list of the many Dinosaurs we wish to provide in Second Life. For more information on our work and updates on our products, it is strongly advised you join the “SL Jinimaru Colony” group in Second Life as we post frequent updates and information there.
You can buy a Stegosaurus avatar from our Marketplace store:

NOTE: The Anthro Pterodactyl and Archaeopteryx will NOT be getting any updates to MESH at this time.

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