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Anthro Red XIII Avatars now available

Introducing SecondLife’s first ever Anthro Red XIII avatars!

There are only four colours available right now, however I am open to re-colour commissions. The avatars on sale are 500L$, commissioned colour avatars are the same only with an added 100L$ deposit before work begins to cover upload costs.
If you wish to commission Zuperbuu Jinx for a re-colour of the Red XIII avatar please contact her through SecondLife Instant Message or through Deviantart Notes.

Included with each Red XIII, both on sale already and any commissioned re-colours, is a Jinimaru variant for free. The regular avatar has a talk-jaw and three tail types, whilst the Jinimaru version has an animated mouth whilst you type with three tail options and alternate hair options.

You can buy the avatars on SecondLife Marketplace here: *This location is safe for everyone.
Or visit our main-store in SecondLife itself here:…..n/233/112/1967 *This location is only accessible to age-verified users of SecondLife.

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