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Jinimaru Avatars Now For Sale

The first line-up of Jinimaru Avatars is now available for sale in-world and on SecondLife Marketplace for 900L$.
There are only 100 copies of the Limited Edition Jinimaru Starscream Avatar. Once they’re all gone, they’re gone! The avatar is set at 800L$ like all LImited Edition non-Transformer avatars.
But we do not intend on making just one package for our Jinimaru Avatars! We have a whole list of things we want to make for them, and other avatars relating to them!

  1. Jinimaru Avatar Kit: Bamboo and Marine
    This kit will contain two packages; a pack to make a sub-aquatic Jinimaru Avatar, much like an Otter, and a pack to make an oriental Jinimaru Avatar, such as one with Panda markings. This kit is estimated to be priced at 600L$.
  2. Jinimaru Avatar Kit: Domestic
    The Domestic Jinimaru kit will be our second biggest avatar kit ever made by Zuperbuu Works. It will contain three tail lengths with three different thickness choices and four marking types; calico, tabby, bengal/spotted and tux. The kit is estimated to be priced at 750L$.
  3. Jinimaru Avatar Kit: Cubs
    Our Cub avatars will be the second smallest avatar we plan on making, next to our Archaeopteryx avatar. They will have limited markings for their limbs compared to the adult-sized avatars, but they will contain three different fur thicknesses and an undetermined amount of body markings. The kit is estimated to be priced at 500L$.
  4. Archaeopteryx Avatars
    Much like our running-theme of ‘fully recolourable’ Jinimaru avatars; the ‘Archy’ will be one kit per marking style, with each marking styled avatar being sold separately. They all will start out white, free for you to recolour with ease. This avatar is estimated at 250L$ each.
  5. Bird Avatars
    The bird avatars are a line of Eurasian and lesser-known Wild Birds made into anthropomorphic incarnations. They will all be in one colour per species, but will contain both the natural female and natural male markings and colour choices. We have many Birds we wish to create as avatars, but right now we can only provide our first three we intend to make as a taster: Eurasian Bullfinch, British Kingfisher and British Robin. Each avatar will be priced differently, though a rough estimate is 400L$ per package.
  6. Jinimaru Clothing and Fashion
    We intend on making a large selection of outfits that will fit our Jinimaru Avatars, including COSPLAYS. Again, each item will be priced differently, but we are hoping to cap the price for ALL COSPLAY ITEMS at 100L$ per package.
  7. Anthro-Hydra and Doni Avatars
    Though Doni will be classed as our anthro-t.rex avatar for the line of Dinosaurs we wish to make, Doni will be packaged with markings and a hairstyle 100% unique to him alone accompanied with other goodies.
    The Anthro-Hydra and Doni avatars are still in planning, so not much else can be said about them.
  8. More Transformers Prime Avatars
    We are not neglecting our Transformers avatars and we never will. Our next Transformers Prime avatar set for release is Wheeljack, so be sure to stay tuned to the Destrons Decepticons group for updates on when Transformers Goodies are available!

Details of what is contained in the packages of all items currently for sale are available on Marketplace.
Each Jinimaru Kit we release will have an accompanied Limited Edition sold alongside it.

Remember to join the Destrons Decepticons group for updates on our Transformers avatars, and to join SL Jinimaru Colony for updates on Bird, Dinosaur, Jinimaru and other none-transformers work!

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