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I have updated a handful of images on the site, namely the old Error Page, and I have a few more lined up for future projects. The error page image now has more than one language on it, since the translator on the site is no good for images. The languages currently on the image are English, French, German, Spanish and Japanese. Sorry that took so long.

Some good news! The last of my book stock has arrived today, and all of them have crystal-clear images with no marks, smudges or odd black spots like I pointed out in my last update. I even got the issue with the wrong spine print sorted out, so it no longer says (B&W) on the spine, however this correction was done at the last minute and some of the spines as a result have the print slightly off-centre. This error only happened on the spines of the guide, and is barely noticeable.
The bags also arrived today and I am very happy with the quality of the print! These will come FREE with all purchases of the Guide, since it’s a huge book, though they will be on sale to those who only wish to buy the smaller books as well. The bags are £1 each, and include a complimentary sticker and business card.

We have just over two weeks before the convention; everything is now printed, stocked and stored ready for the big event. All that’s left is to travel down and get set up. It’s all very exciting, and I hope will be the first of many future conventions I can attend.


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