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Progress on Avatars and CGI Shorts

This is going to be a quickie, just because I have already gone into a lot of detail already about the new “Mesh Avatars” I am making on Second Life which will also be used in my short movie clips to practice and display my self-taught skill in using Blender.

-The male and female bodies ARE FINISHED and basic textures are applied.
-The two tail types are finished in both rigged and none-rigged format, but lack textures.
-One mane and leg-fur type have been made, but lack textures.
-Other male and female cosmetic enhancements to identify their gender are made and textured.
-A basic pair of fitted shorts and a shirt have been made for male and female, but lack textures.
-A pair of fitted boots are currently being sculpted for both genders.
-The first set of facial-fur and nose/teeth/whiskers for the default SL head are being sculpted, and are unisex.

A side-note on Second Life work; after the updated Jinimaru Mesh avatars I will be returning to simple mods and my original writing, and will not be making new avatars again for some time.
You can follow my progress along with see new material not related to the CGI work on the Tumblr Blog.

That’s all for now; checklist is steadily being filled up on these avatars! Yay!

~ Thomas Edwards

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