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Well I have finally had surgery and a making a great recovery! I should be up and about in a more active fashion in the next month and intend on crunching through my writing to get at least ONE of my books ready for publishing this year (there may be two, depending on how fast my beta readers read the drafts and how long I have to amend them.)
I have also started the long task of updating the SecondLife Jinimaru avatars to rigged mesh format. Here is a model of a body (male, fully furred), remember you can follow progress on all creative work on our Tumblr Blog.

The Avatars will not likely be up for sale until the end of the year as I am making male/female bodies with 3 mane types, 2 tail types in 2 styles and 3 hair styles per gender alongside a bunch of other accessories such as gender-enhancing add-ons (mammaries for females and extra fur-patches for males.)
Texturing has not started on the project due to the surgery and as of today only the body and tail sets have been finished. I will pick up on making manes and other stuff when I have recovered.

I have also tidied up the following pages on the site: Jinimaru Chronicles, Hunt Down and Character Biographies 1. The changes are minor spelling corrections and alterations to story briefs to match corrections in the actual story.

More news when I have recovered!

~Thomas Edwards

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