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Removed DeviantArt account

I don’t want to go into too much detail about why I chose to do this, but I will sum it up as “it was strictly necessary” to do it.The account has been deactivated completely and I will never be returning to Deviantart again, not even to view others work.

I have also closed my account though it still shows up on the site, as all fan-fiction is now on Archive of Our Own, and I didn’t much like the way I was treated in the past at; as with Deviantart I shall not be returning there either.
For commissions and viewing all my uploaded artwork, remember to visit one of two Tumblr accounts: Zuperbuu (fan-stuff) and Zuperbuuworks (original stuff, sometimes fan work if commissioned.)

In other news: New Dragon avatars on Second-Life! The Bene’thayas! Which is of course, based on one of my dragons from Apocalypse Blue.

The anthro Spinosaurus and Raptors are on the way too! They should be up sometime in September, and then after them comes the Na’an Dragon! Another one of our oldies I’m excited to remake after 16 years!
Thanks for your support and patience!

~ Thomas Edwards

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