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Soon to arrive at Second Life: WATER DRAGONS!

Also known as the Hydra Avatar Themed after our own demonic antagonist of Apocalypse Blue, Hydrous Draconic.
The avatar will cost 300L$ each and will be available in an assortment of colours; see here and here for a few examples of the choices which will be made available.
The avatars will include a talk-jaw, moving eyes (also tintable), fully sculpted parts, three tail types to choose from (up, down and flexible). The Limited Editions come with unique skin colours, markings and Zodiac-themed Tattoos at the same price. One Special Edition avatar will be made, with only one ever existing in Second Life, which will include tattoo-layer options and markings in a tye-dye style based on all animals within the Zodiac; this Special Edition avatar will be won via a raffle on the day of the Water Dragon release (10L$ per entry for avatar valued at 300L$).

The Water Dragon Avatars are scheduled for public release January 1st 2014, though presently this date may be pushed forwards to December 21st 2013 (due to possible completion of the work earlier than expected).

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