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Special Offer via Redbubble!

Like what I sell on the store but don’t have enough cash to spend on it? Seen work by someone else that you simply want to have, but can’t pay for? Using my referral link and signing up to Redbubble, you get $10 off your first purchase.

This offer only applies if you register through the provided url, and not only are you getting something you want for significantly less, you also help me and other content creators out too!

In other news; I am now away from my primary computer, so no new artwork or major updates will occur over the next few days. I can still write for my books, but I cannot livestream or scan in and edit new images. I will still be drawing on paper when and where I can.
I return home on Thursday evening, so I will likely be hosting another livestream on Friday, as I want to scan all my work in on Thursday night and work on some new articles for the site. Speaking of articles, I added a new menu option to the left sidebar called “Articles” that contains pages such as “Travelling Japan without a Car” and “Creating Content: From Concept to Completion”, plus a new one I added last night called “Self-Publish to Success” which covers some very handy tips and tricks to help get your work noticed in an over-saturated internet market. I hope these articles are helpful, or at least raise awareness of their relevant subjects.

That’s all for now, I will not likely be posting on Wednesday like usual as I have made 3 posts this week alone, but I’ll see if I make any major breakthroughs to warrant a new post next week.


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