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The Jinimaru Chronicles Page (Updated!)

Phew! Well it’s been long overdue, but I have finally tidied up the Jinimaru novel page; all that remains is to add new artwork and to add the final touches to the Compilation book for our (expected) first publication.
I hope to get Alpha finished alongside it, but that particular book is very artwork heavy as it contains original sketches/artwork of the first ever Jinimaru concepts I made along with new anatomically correct sketches…plus much more artwork for the Compilation and future books based on the Maru species.

I replaced the chapter sample with a VERY SMALL extract from one of the compilations stories (I chose the pirate-themed one), not just for convenience that the compilation is closer to being finished than the other entries in the series, but because the Omega extract had been thoroughly updated and now contains spoilers for other entries in the Jinimaru Chronicles that I do not want to let out yet.
So I hope you enjoy the new sample and tidier page! I have narrowed down the artwork to 2 characters per series on the page for the Chronicles, since there are so many, and at present all that is on the page is Tim and Gakidou from Omega. I hope to get some new artwork up in the next week or so.

For the time being, here’s a new picture of the Fufe Dragon sculpture’s progress.

Fufe with wings!

Thomas Edwards

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