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We are in preparations for the opening release of our Jinimaru Creation Kit, based on our novel Trilogy “The Jinimaru Chronicles”!

The kit comes with one main box containing all the items used by the other breeds of Jinimaru; this includes the Head, eyes, hands, feet, belly/butt fur and cheek fur. You will also find inside the main box are 3 breed boxes, 2 fur/markings boxes and an optional accessories box.
The three breeds in this default pack includes the Alpine/Tundra Jinimaru, the Desert/Jungle Jinimaru and the Grassland/Forest Jinimaru. Each breed pack has a mane, pair of legs and tails that all match the Jinimaru’s biome.

Other features the avatar includes are moving eyes, a mouth that animates when you type, full sculpted parts all with less than three different textures sued for faster loading times and less lag, a fun script that makes the Jinimaru avatar jump in shock when someone touches its tail, walking sound effects for those chubby feet and much more!

There are markings for almost every part of the avatar including the head, ALL FULLY RECOLOURABLE. Even the SKIN is fully recolourable without having to do any editing work in photoshop or paint; all editing for colours and marking/fur combinations are done directly on Second Life.
The amount of markings available, with everything on the avatar 100% recolourable, makes this the most customizable non-feral avatar on Second Life. The amount of different looks and styles you can make with just the kit on its own are so large I can’t upload enough images to display them all.
So why spend 900L$ on one single-coloured animal avatar with limited customization, when you can have unlimited colour choices and styles, all in one package?
Updates are also free for LIFE with this kit. You will get an update card in the box which you need to look after, as when it comes to getting any updates we make you will need to use the card to get your update for free!

The Jinimaru Avatar Kit is due for official launch in Marketplace and our Second Life in-world stores by July 15th, though the release party will be held on the 22nd at a venue yet to be decided upon.
We have a second kit in progress alongside the Jinimaru Cub avatars; Marine and Bamboo Jinimaru! We do not know when these kits will be available, but we will let you all know as soon as possible!

For now, enjoy the pictures and look forward to the avatars release soon! And be sure to join our Second Life group for updates to our avatars!


Rear-view of a Bobtailed Jinimaru Avatar
One of limitless combinations from the Jinimaru Avatar Kit!

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