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  • The Long Update

    The Long Update

    It’s been some time since the last update on the blog. A lot has been worked on, regardless of real-life blockades getting in the way. I am going to kick things off first with the largest one. Loss of a Feline Friend Not everyone will have experienced the loss of a pet the way I…

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    2021 – Monthly Update #8

    This month, I have been working on stuff that is old, and stuff that is new, plus a return to something I’d consider a bit of both. 3D Model Progress Well, this month I have been doing the usual crafting of models, it’s not exactly been for my own game or animations; it’s been for…

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    2021 – Monthly Update #7

    Today is my birthday! I’d be happy if this month hadn’t been so… surprising. Both good and bad. Let’s get the bad out of the way first. Computer Issues On July 1st, a Windows Update wiped my C: drive. The PC refused to boot up to windows because the update had removed Windows from my…

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