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2021 – Monthly Update #8

This month, I have been working on stuff that is old, and stuff that is new, plus a return to something I’d consider a bit of both.

3D Model Progress

Well, this month I have been doing the usual crafting of models, it’s not exactly been for my own game or animations; it’s been for that something I mentioned a moment ago, being both “old and new”, and that things is called Second Life. We’ll get to that in just a bit.

The base model is an anthropomorphic dinosaur, and has been crafted for multiple purposes; primarily, it was to give me a new 3D puppet avatar that I could use for the likes of VTubing or for doing 3D animation tests with different environment effects or dynamics.

The other purpose this model served was for my new YouTube channel which is exclusively used for artwork time-lapses, production footage of 3D printed work, and an old favourite of mine: tutorials. You can see the first tutorial down below.

Aside from this model, and the variations of it for Second Life use, I haven’t made much else in Blender. Blender’s physics engine and particle system do not export to Second Life, just like with Unity, so I didn’t see any reason to continue learning those mechanics at this time. I will return to them in the future for a new project, but that’s in the far future and it is too soon to be bringing anything detailed about it up.

For those unfamiliar with my model work, you can see a video of me creating one from start to finish, with brief explanations for how I do certain things and why, by visiting the YouTube channel. If you want to see more pictures, like work-in-progress stuff, I advise you to follow me on Twitter or DeviantArt where I post them more often.

Second Life

As followers of Zuperbuu Works prior to 2016 may remember, I made avatars on Second Life. My specialty was anthro Dinosaurs and dragons, many of the old sculpt work is still used by Second Life residents even to this day. I felt it was time I gave those residents something new, fresh, and more up-to-date with my model-making skills.

So I converted my anthro Triceratops model into a fully functional avatar, that works with Second Life’s new Project BENTO armature; the fingers, toes, and tail all now move providing the user has an animation override that uses the armature bones. I might make my own little animation override when the avatar line is finished.

The avatars are sold in completed sets, or as individual parts, depending on the users needs. You can, for example, buy the Triceratops avatar as one whole package (350L$), or the head (150L$) and tail (150L$) separately to use on a different avatar body.

The avatars come with a bunch of clothing that fits the body, but these are just fair-quality freebies. I plan on making even higher-quality outfits for my avatars once the line of dinosaurs is finished.

The line of Dinosaur avatars is as follows:

⦿ Generic Herbivore Body (Set is completed)
• Triceratops
• Styracosaurus
• Stegosaurus
• Ankylosaurus
• Pachycephalosaurus

⦿ Hadrosaurid Body (Set is completed)
• Iguanodon
• Parasaurolophus
• Corythosaurus
• Edmontosaurus

⦿ Therapod Body
• Spinosaurids
• Allosaurus

• Pterosaur
• Tyrannosaurus

⦿ Dromaeosaur Body
• Velociraptor
• Utahraptor

⦿ Sauropod Body
• Brachiosaurus
• Camarasaurus
• Diplodocus
• Armagasaurus

All the avatars are fully customisable via a new HUD system, allowing the user to make some very exotic coloured characters! Here’s a teaser of the Pterosaur avatar with the new HUD.

I could go on further about the new Second Life stuff, but we’ll cover it more next month.

Book/Writing Progress

Specimen G-13: Heart of the Feles, has had some small progress made to it this month. It’s not much, but it’s something. I have also done further editing work on the N’iota short story, which will be free on WattPad, but I have yet to make cover art for it. I have been contemplating making some audio book versions of Specimen G-13, and would love to hear your thoughts on it.

No further work on books has been done this month.

Final Thoughts

I’d like your thoughts on if I should set up a Patreon, and if I should do some audio books; drop me a message over on Twitter with your thoughts!


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