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In the process of migrating my website from one place to another, I accidentally deleted it and lost all my media files and customisation. The website layout is back to normal after 4 hours of hard work, but a lot of content is still messed up and will be missing images. The tools I used before aren’t working as they should so it may be a few days before things start to look “normal” again. Why was I migrating the site? I had 2 reasons:

  1. Google was not paying me for displaying ads on my site, because they wanted a tiny document to be in a specific place and it couldn’t be found by their robots. I had to move my whole site from a sub-directory to a root-directory to make their robots happy. THis is the main reason for why I had to move my site around: I need the revenue from ads to keep the site up and running, and google will not pay me a single penny unless I put their little document where they want me to.
  2. I was getting a bit fed up of having the /wp at the end of the site url as well.

I’m going to keep ads running on the site until another method of revenue can help me keep the website running. If you want to help but don’t want to click any ads, then please consider buying some of my artwork, books or becoming a patron.
Things will be messy for a few days, but I am working as fast as I can to make the site get back to normal (if not better) and I thank you for your patience.


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