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This is the first (official) update of the new year AND for the new monthly update system! A lot of things have been happening during January, both good and bad, so let’s kick things off first with some of the good!

The Edris Compendium – Progress so far

I have been writing huge chunks of notes and first drafts for the big Compendium book, which I hope to get finished for publishing by the end of the year. The artwork has been flowing smoothly as well, with me doing some polishing up on the market pen art I showed on the last update, plus a bunch of paintings (we’ll get there in a bit). I still have a lot of artwork to do for the book, as it is heavier in pictures than the Beginners Guide to Jinimaru was, but all-in-all progress is being made and everything appears to be on track for that end of year launch. I made a few last-minute decisions as I began polishing up the artwork I already have done, and decided to make a size-comparison image for the creatures found on the planet. I believe this has been a great decision to make as not only does it help my readers understand the sheer size of these beasts, but it also makes the page more interesting.
Have a gander below an example for the pages about Edris’ creatures. Remember the writing is still in draft and may change!

Painting a World takes time

As mentioned above I have been doing more in the way of paintings for my books alongside the marker pen art, and the usual digital and pencil stuff. These paintings will also be sold on Ebay to lucky buyers in the coming months after I have finished using them for my Edris Compendium, though others will still be able to grab a print of the original on redbubble. These paintings take a while to dry so I have opted to only do one a week for now, to ensure they are safe to scan in or move around for photographs.
You can see the paintings every Sunday on my Twitter and Instagram, though sometimes I post them on Facebook too if I remember to do it!
I would like to do a livestream of myself painting one of these fantasy landscapes, but I don’t think the space I am using right now is large or bright enough for the camera I have. I will try recording myself painting another picture for a time-lapse first to see how that turns out, before I decide on doing any livestream sessions or not.
Here’s one I did recently. The prints of these paintings are already up for sale on Redbubble.

Samples Arriving & Promo Codes for Redbubble!

The canvas print of my world map is here! I was very happy with the quality and colours, but it hasn’t photographed very well and looks washed out. Compared to the digital file the colours are still slightly different but overall I am still super happy with the final image. You can get your own here from redbubble.

Here is a 15% off code too that you can use on any purchases made on Redbubble, you don’t have to use in on my work (but I will love it if you did!) The code expires at the end of March this year and I don’t know if/when I will be given another one: RBC-B15764522

Other Projects

I am on that final chapter of Specimen G-13 still, struggling to wrap everything up neat and tidy with a big purple bow before putting it to one side for my proof-reader to begin skimming through and applying edits. I have the next two entries in the series briefed out and you can read the synopsis on the Specimen G-13 page, along with see the WIP cover art for all three volumes. I have set myself a deadline to get Specimen G-13 part 1 finished in first draft by the end of February and to start part 2 by the end of March.

RAWR! It’s Donisaur!
The second entry, Horrid Horns, needed some changes and is now sketched up, and inking will soon begin. It’s still on track for a Summer release, no artwork to show for you guys yet I’m afraid!

Jinimaru Guide (and Folklore Tales)
I admit it; this past month I haven’t touched the Veterans Guide to Jinimaru or done further work on the Folklore stories; I have been investing all my time into the Edris Compendium and Specimen G-13. In all honesty I may put the Veterans Guide on hold like the Subject 218 comic, and return to it later when I am not juggling so many projects.

Now the sad news

My grandfather, who was one of my proof readers, editors, and an inspiration to actually share my work, passed away earlier this month. The whole family is devastated, and needless to say this loss impacted everyone differently. My work, whilst I chose to continue doing it because I knew he’d want me to, was still slow and most of my days I simply spent staring at a blank sheet of paper unsure of what to do. I didn’t just lose a family member; he was an editor of my books, and now my work progress beyond the first draft will be even slower.
I have already taken the time to grieve and come to terms with the families loss, but the pain is still there and may impact my work further down the line when I least expect it, so while I thank you all for your patience thus far I kindle ask you to bare with me a bit longer for most of my book projects; all the Jinimaru work was edited by my grandfather and other family members, who are still taking time to mourn the loss and are swamped with their own work. The books will get edited, they will be published, I may just need to find a way to raise funds to hire someone outside the family to do it, but as of writing this entry I am at a loss. If you want to help me hire an editor, please send me an e-mail at with the editors credentials. If you’d like to help me raise funds for hiring said editor, please consider buying some artwork from my Redbubble store, and thank you for you assitance.

Final Thoughts

It’s been a turbulent January for everyone; the Australian fires, the tension between the USA and Iran, Coronavirus, Pewdiepie taking a break, instability in mainland Europe…and on a more personal level I lost my grandfather, and my transition therapy has not been going well either. 2020 has started rough, but it won’t stay this way; charge forward, hold your head high, and chase your dreams.

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